Disk Drill has its solution of your problems when it comes to Adobe® Illustrator® AI files recovery.

You should realize however that the chances of getting successful recovery results depend on many factors. But in most cases you can expect that your files will be restored if you start the recovery process immediately on losing the needed files.

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First of all start with the Quick Scan option of Disk Drill. Quick Scan allows to recover the files recently deleted using the file system’s records. In case those records are still available, you can restore those AI files in a minutes.

If the Quick Scan results doesn’t contain the desired files, you still have an option of bite-to-bite analysis with Deep Scan.

The procedure described above fits the situation when you have lost .ai files and need to recover them in case your media was not secured with Disk Drill beforehand. By word “secured” we mean that you should have enabled the Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery protection on your media files/folders. This raises the chances of successful recovery and makes the recovery much faster. BTW, data recovery from the media secured with Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery is absolutely FREE!

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.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team