Version 2.0 is a major upgrade of the Disk Drill program. It is recommended that all users upgrade, as there have been major improvements to file signature recognition and recovery algorithms. If you have recently completed a scan, we recommend you try again once you have upgraded — you may find files you couldn’t before.

Since this is a major upgrade, there is a charge for upgrading from a previous paid version of PRO, Expert or Enterprise. Disk Drill Basic continues to be completely free.

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Step #1 Upgrade Disk Drill

Please note: If you are a licensed user, upgrading will disable your old license of Disk Drill, and your copy of Disk Drill will revert to the Basic edition. You will then need to upgrade your license, following the instructions in Step #2 below.

  1. Launch Disk Drill.
  2. You should get a message alerting you that a new version of Disk Drill is available. Click Install Update. (If you do not get a message, go to Disk Drill > Check for Updates to manually check for an update.)
  3. Your update will begin downloading automatically. Simply click Install and Relaunch when it is done.
  4. This installs the new 2.0 version of Disk Drill Basic. If you had a paid version of Disk Drill 1.8 (PRO, Expert or Enterprise) and wish to upgrade your license, see below.

Step #2: Upgrade Your License

The upgrade fee is $39 for PRO customers. Expert and Enterprise customers can upgrade at a 50% discount. Customers who purchased Disk Drill within 30 days of the 2.0 release date will receive the upgrade for free.

Current Disk Drill customers should have received an email newsletter announcing the new version of Disk Drill and providing a special upgrade payment link. If you did not receive this email, go to the Disk Drill website and click on the Upgrade button to fill out an upgrade request form. You will need your original order ID number. A payment link will be sent to the email address you provide. (If you do not know your order ID number, please contact us). Once you have the payment link:

  1. Click the payment link and complete the payment process.
  2. Check your email for an order confirmation from Disk Drill with your license code inside. Copy the license code.
  3. Launch Disk Drill.
  4. On the splash screen, click the “I Already Own Disk Drill Pro” link on the bottom-left. Paste in your code and click Activate. (Alternatively, on the menu bar, go to Disk Drill > Enter Activation Code).
  5. You’re done. Welcome to Disk Drill PRO 2.0.
.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team