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Disk Drill 2.1Today is a big day over at CleverFiles HQ. Another awesome upgrade of Disk Drill is here just on time for Cyber Monday 2013. And it’s a major one. Disk Drill 2.1 (build 376) has already been uploaded to our servers. Get it now.

If you already played with Disk Drill 2, you would know that we added long-awaited Directory Rebuild recovery algorithm in April. This time, version 2.1 brings a major overhaul to this feature, and wraps up a number of exceptional improvements:

  •  new  when rebuilt, partition directory can now be written directly to the scanned disk
  •  new  additional disk image formats can now be attached in Disk Drill: .raw, .dd and .img
  •  new  extended disk health monitoring for I/O errors (internal drives only)
  •  new  Deep Scan and Universal Partition Search will now find lost NTFS partitions
  •  new  Deep Scan learns new file signatures: EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile), LNK (MS Windows Link), DPX (Cineon image file)
  • new way to highlight disks with hardware issues
  •  new  internal Disk Drill’s daemon (responsible for Recovery Vault, S.M.A.R.T. stats and Guaranteed Recovery) is now 64-bit ready
  •  improved  partition’s directory rebuilding canceling and restarting
  •  improved  detection of correct disk size on some older USB external drives
  •  improved  recovery of Adobe InDesign (.indd) and Nikon Raw Image files (.nef)
  •  improved  Recovery Vault file statistics
  •  fixed  random crash during the scan of the volumes connected via FireWire
  • updated UI translations

Recover your lost data, monitor your disks for hardware issues, prevent unexpected loss of your data today: download Disk Drill 2.1 now!

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team