Disk Drill: The Premier Mac Data Recovery Software!

Do you need to recover deleted files in Mac OS X, such as important work documents, photos, videos or music? Have files or whole partitions disappeared from your Mac? Are you having trouble accessing an external USB drive or camera card? We can help. We make data recovery for Mac OS X easy.

Powerful recovery
session management features: start your recovery any time, pause it any time, finish any time
Multiple powerful
data recovery methods under a single button

Disk Drill recovers
data from any media you can mount to your Mac. Recovery works even on formatted disks
Recovery Vault technology that protects your data from accidental deletion
Backup failing disks
and partitions into binary-precise DMG-images for further trouble-free recovery
Rebuild HFS disk directory within seconds, or choose among several other recovery methods

Disk Drill can scan and recover data from virtually any storage device. This includes most internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives, cameras, iPods, Kindles, and memory cards. It can often scan your device even if it is failing, unreadable, or has lost a partition. Combining several powerful scanning algorithms, Disk Drill provides a complete Mac data recovery solution.

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Disk Drill makes data recovery in Mac OS X super simple. By clicking just one button, it will run through all of the scanning modes and display a list of files that can be potentially recovered. The found files can be previewed so that you know which ones are good candidates for file recovery. If you have Disk Drill’s data protection features enabled, some methods of file recovery on your Mac are free! If not, a quick upgrade will enable you to save the recovered files and get back to work.

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Disk Drill offers several free data protection features that help prevent future data loss, so that you don’t have to worry so much about recovering deleted files in Mac OS X. Recovery Vault tracks every file removed from the computer and remembers its filename and location. Guaranteed Recovery makes a copy of any file deleted from the Trash, giving you an "Undelete" option even after you empty the trash bin. And S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring keeps an eye on your hard drive and warns you if there are any signs that it might be failing. These three features will change the way you think about file recovery on your Mac.

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If you have a hard drive, storage device or memory card that you're suddenly having trouble mounting or retrieving files from, you may have a lost partition. In most cases, the data is still there, but the "map" the computer needs to find the data has been corrupted. Disk Drill has several features that allow you to restore the lost partitions and get back your data: Universal Partition Search, Scan for Lost HFS+ Partition and Rebuild HFS+ Catalog file. Disk Drill turns "lost" into "found"! Hard drive recovery for Mac OS X has never been simpler.

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Disk Drill puts the emphasis on easy. You shouldn’t have to be a Mac expert to recover files. Our streamlined interface ensures that you don’t have to spend hours figuring out a new program or learning new terminology. And our knowledgebase provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for each Disk Drill feature. On the other hand, if you’re a computer expert, we’ve provided plenty of ways for you to customize the recovery process.

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No other software makes hard drive recovery for Mac so effortless. So what are you waiting for? Download the free Disk Drill Basic today and rescue your files!

by Simon Slangen

"Disk Drill shows a different way, befitting for a Mac. But for all its simplicity and casual feel, Disk Drill is still a remarkably powerful application."

by Steven Sande

"Disk Drill does a very good job of what it is expected to do: protect data loss and recover lost files."

by Jeff Porten

"Disk Drill preemptively protects your disk data and provides tools for data recovery in the event of a crash or accidentally deleted files."

Disk Drill is obviously a carefully thought out, well planned application designed to be user-friendly for people of all levels of ability. It’s always a pleasure to use applications that are so well prepared. - Jackson Derek
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