ParetoLogic Data Recovery Software and All You Need to Know about it

There are quite a lot of things that could happen so that you lose precious and important information from your computer or other forms of storage devices. You could accidentally format the thing or you could unwillingly delete some information without paying much attention to what you are doing. This is particularly common in people who aren’t that well aware of computer technologies and software usage and are casually using their computer for working or personal purposes. There’s nothing strange in that and you shouldn’t feel bad because it could happen to even full-scale IT techs who do this for a living. However, lost data could cause significant complications. For instance, you could have accidentally deleted a document which is required for an important submission or a meeting and thus lose a lot of money as a consequence. Being unable to recover lost information is certainly something tremendously devastating.

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ParetoLogic Data Recovery Free Alternative — Disk Drill

Luckily, through the advancement of computer technologies like the Paretologic data recovery, you are already capable of making sure that this happens as easily as installing a new program on your computer. Through the usage of comprehensive software such as the Paretologic Data Recovery Pro, you would be able to quickly recover your lost information. It all sounds too good to be true isn’t it? Well, it partially is. By the way, the Paretologic Data Recovery service is only accessible throughout their ParetoLogic Data Recover Pro product. While Paretologic data recovery  offer some free trials for you to test it out, this one in particular has to be purchased directly before even having the chance of using it. Upon doing a Paretologic Data Recover review, we’d stumbled upon some potential weaknesses that are definitely not a big deal. If you are willing to dive into the deep waters without having a chance of swimming in the bay at first, this might seem like a good idea. However, if you don’t want to gamble and risk, you can definitely go ahead and try the Disk Drill free feature.

Disk Drill
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Your Companion for Deleted Files Recovery

Sure, a lot of people are going to say that it’s limiting and it certainly is but there are significant advantages that you could draw out of the free version of Disk Drill. It’s a concise proof that the software actually works as you want it to. The last thing you’d want is to spend $100 on a program to recover a few lost photos only to find out that it doesn’t support this particular file format. With Disk Drill this could never happen. The free version is going to provide you with everything up to the recovery part and if you want to proceed forward you’d have to pay for the Pro version. The investment, however, is a bit inconsiderable when you weigh in all of the advantages you are going to get. The free trial is going to deeply or quickly scan your device, based on your preference and identify the potentially recoverable files. What is more, to see that this is a completely working solution, it would also show you the files which have been damaged and are beyond repair. If you want to actually recover these files, you would have to go for the full version which is paid.

paretologic data recovery

Now, Disk Drill offers quite a lot in exchange for the inconsiderable amount of money that it costs. Right off the bat, the software is capable of recovering over 200 file types, which is way more than the majority of alternatives like the Paretologic data recovery and it’s definitely more than any free tool available out there. What is more, you would be capable of recovering information from a wide range of different storage devices such as USBs, Pen Drives, Smart Phones, Micro SD or HDD and SSD’s both internal and external. You would have a complete control over the entire recovery process which is also pretty convenient. Of course, the majority of it is fully automated for your own piece of mind. However, you can control the directories which are subjected to the scan, the scanning method itself as well as the selection of the files that you wish to recover. This is pretty convenient when you come to think about it.

Disk Drill Offers Two Scanning Methods – Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

  1. Quick Scan is designated to recover a smaller amount of lost information. For example, if you’ve recently lost a couple hundreds of MB of lost data in pictures, videos or documents, this might be the appropriate choice. It’s quicker and it’s going to spare you some time on the way.
  2. Deep Scan, on the other hand, is a full blown scan of the entire selected directory. It’s going to go through every single problem and make sure to recover as much information as it’s been lost. With this in mind, if you want to perform a recovery of a few GB of data that you’ve lost long ago, this is the choice to go for.

Disk Drill is also going to provide you with a list of the recoverable files. Some of them are going to appear as broken because they’ve unfortunately lost their structural integrity and are beyond repair. There’s nothing that any software can do about those files. However, you can pick all others and get them recovered or you can conveniently choose just a few of them if you don’t really all the information restored. This is particularly convenient if you only wish to recover a few files out of the hundreds which were detected.

Regardless of whether you decide to get the full version of Paretologic data recovery or the one of Disk Drill, you should do so through the legitimate sources — from their official websites. Using any form of Pirate software or cracks, key generators, serial keys or registration codes obtained any other way is illegal, at first, and potentially dangerous at second. You’d be exposing your entire system to viruses and malware and you could end up losing more information than you already had.

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