Is my upgrade to Disk Drill 5 free?

👋 Free Upgrade – Grace Period

If you purchased Disk Drill (for Windows or Mac) on or after September 1st, 2022, the upgrade to Disk Drill 5 is free for you. This is our gift to all our loyal customers who supported us in the past. Thus, the grace period for the free v4 upgrade is waaaaaaaay more than a month.

🏷 50% Upgrade Discount

If you purchased any previous version of Disk Drill before September 1st, 2022, you are eligible for a 50% upgrade discount when purchasing the latest version of the app. Please use this form to request your discount coupon code if you don’t have it. We usually send out detailed upgrade instructions to all eligible users right after the new version is officially available on our website.

💌 Free Lifetime Upgrades

If you own a Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee for any version of Disk Drill, you are always eligible for a free upgrade to the latest release of our data recovery app. Due to internal technical reasons related to merging the pricing policies for Disk Drill for Mac and Windows, your old activation code might NOT automatically work for Disk Drill 5 on Windows. You should’ve been issued a new one automatically shortly after the official release of the new version, or you can request it from us any time.

Disk Drill – The Official Update and Upgrade Policy

508 Software (dba CleverFiles) strives to provide outstanding maintenance of its Products and Website including assistance from Technical Support and regular new software releases. This strive for outstanding maintenance means that 508 Software regularly releases new minor updates and major upgrades of Products.

All Product updates within the version purchased are generally free, for example, if You purchased a Product version 2.4, all updates within the 2.X product line are free, i.e., versions 2.5 and 2.6. Product updates are typically added in order to protect You and the Products against new-found security risks, introduce new features, improve performance or speed, improve productivity, or fix bugs and improve functionality.

If and as applicable, each new Product upgrade typically must be purchased. For example, a Product upgrade will change the leftmost number of the Product’s version number, i.e., version 2.6 will become version 3.0. A Product upgrade offers significant changes, new features, and/or major improvements to the current version and functionality of the Product version, which is why these upgrades typically must be purchased. Product upgrade costs may vary between Products, so in order to best inform You of potential costs for any upgrades, please contact Technical Support and subscribe to our news.

If and as applicable, 508 Software may offer subscription services for Product update or upgrade notifications. Upon subscribing for Product Notifications, 508 Software will begin sending You emails or notifications whenever a new build or version of a Product(s) is released. In order to see the changes or enhancements for any Product update or upgrade developed or offered by 508 Software, view the Product features page or “Release Notes” on the Website or accompanying the update or upgrade itself. This should provide You with the exact dates, builds, and version numbers, as well as view the full list of new features added or fixed.

Every Product update or upgrade is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions on how to initiate such update or upgrade. If and as applicable, the only information You may need to have available is Your current registration information for a particular Product. If You have any trouble initiating or finalizing any update or upgrade, or You simply have questions, please reach out to Technical Support who can assist You with any questions or concerns.

If and as applicable, 508 Software may offer for purchase with the License to the Products a Lifetime Upgrade Option, package, or similar service. A Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee should ensure that Your License will be updated or upgraded automatically (or at least at no extra charge) for the Product under the same License You previously purchased hereunder, provided, however, that Lifetime Upgrade Packages do not include free updates or upgrades to New Releases, or any new product or service of 508 Software, and further provided that the determination as to what constitutes a New Release or new product shall be made in 508 Software’s sole discretion. A Lifetime Upgrade Package is not a subscription plan but is a one-time purchase that should allow You to have the most up-to-date version of applicable Licenses and Products.

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I just bought Disk Drill…

…a few days ago, and now the new version is out. Can I get a free upgrade?
Absolutely. See our Grace Period conditions above.


If you purchased Disk Drill premium edition at a promotional price, all regular upgrade conditions and discounts still apply to you.

Not sure if you are entitled for a free upgrade? Shoot us an email. Include your original order ID and date, and we’ll be glad to assist.

We thank you for your continued support! We are also always excited to hear your data recovery success stories. Feel free to send them to us and we’ll publish them on our websites in return for a very pleasant surprise.

.updated: September 9, 2022 author: CleverFiles Team