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Disk Drill supports recovering MPO files

It’s probably time to buy new glasses for our beloved professor!

Since the new release of Disk Drill, we support the recovery of stereo images in MPO format! We added the new signature to the knowledgebase of Disk Drill’s Deep Scan recovery algorithm that reads these tricky double images from your hard drive surfaces by detecting their binary footprint.

And it’s not the only updated feature we gladly announce today!

Here’s Disk Drill 2.4.415

  •  new  file signatures in Deep Scan‘s binary recognition: SWIFT source codes (XCode), MPO (Multi Picture Object File or simply stereo images), TAR.XZ (XZ Compressed Tar Archive), RDB (Retrospect Backup Set), OPJ (OriginPro 8 files)
  •  new  Fuse for OS X version 2.7.5 integrated
  •  improved  modal windows behavior during DMG backup
  •  improved  UI texts and in-app explanations
  •  fixed  a couple of crashes when scanning and recovering from unstable disks

Grab Disk Drill 2.4.415 here.

As always thanks for staying with us!

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.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team