And here’s another update to Disk Drill. Version 1.7.188 is here.

File Systems Support

While Disk Drill runs purely on Mac OS X, and a Windows-compatible version is only in a ‘requested’ state, the new release is ready to announce support of Linux and Unix File System.

UFS/UFS2/EXT2/3/4 are now supported by Quick Scan; and Deep Scan or Search for Lost Partitions will attempt to locate deleted or lost EXT2/3/4 partitions since now on. Please note that these features are preliminary, and we are working hard to announce full support of these file systems in Disk Drill. Remember that Disk Drill works in read-only mode, so you are free to experiment with the newly added features even if we still keep the beta tag on them.

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New File Signatures – As Always

As always, we are bumping up the number of supported file signatures. This minor update brings in the following ones to the Deep Scan’s family: LRCAT (Adobe Lightroom catalog file), CAF (Core Audio File), CHM (Compiled HTML Help File), CWK (ClarisWorks Document), FDX, FDR (Final Draft Documents) and some others.

Other Minor Improvements

  • improved: Quick Scan is much faster on high-loaded file systems thanks to increased internal cache size
  • improved: better recovery of .TIF files that were converted from .NEF’s
  • fixed: some .MOV files could be recovered as a series of images

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.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team