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Every license of Disk Drill PRO / Enterprise (and former Expert) edition is permanent: you will be able to use the version you purchased within its supported OS versions without the need for any additional purchases any time in your life. All minor upgrades within the version purchased are included: i.e. if you bought Disk Drill PRO 2.4, all the upgrades within 2.x product line are free for you.

How major upgrades work

If you decided not to purchase Lifetime Upgrades with your Disk Drill premium edition, you can optionally upgrade to any new major release of Disk Drill for a fraction of its retail price. We usually strive to keep the upgrade discount at ~60%. You can add the Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee to any purchase of Disk Drill PRO and Enterprise, even when buying it at a discount.

If you own a Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee (included free with Disk Drill Enterprise), your activation code will work with all major releases of Disk Drill right away.

I just bought Disk Drill premium, and then the new version is out. Can I get a free upgrade?

Absolutely. With every new major release we include a grace period for free upgrades, meaning anyone who bought Disk Drill PRO or Enterprise can get the equal license of the new major release completely free if their purchase was made after a certain date (usually within a month or more before the official announcement). Here’s what the free upgrade campaigns for Disk Drill 3 will look like depending on which version of Disk Drill you currently own:

If you purchased Disk Drill 2.x new license:

The upgrade to Disk Drill 3 will be free for you, if your date of purchase is at least March 1, 2016. Your license should be valid for the latest release without the need for any further actions. If you purchased Disk Drill 2.x before that date, you can upgrade to Disk Drill 3 at ~60% discount. We’ll be sending out upgrade coupons to all eligible clients the same day we release Disk Drill 3.

If you purchased the upgrade to Disk Drill 2.x after owning Disk Drill 1.x:

Your grace period is extended to 6+ months before the release of Disk Drill 3, and you can get your free upgrade if you purchased Disk Drill 2.x after December 1, 2015. Your activation code should be upgraded automatically.

If you purchased Disk Drill 1.x back in 2013 or before that:

You can request your discounted upgrade to Disk Drill 3 any time. Keep your original order ID at hand.

Download Disk Drill data recovery app for Windows  for Mac

Lifetime upgrades

Starting with Disk Drill 2.0 we were offering Lifetime Upgrades at an extra cost. If you purchased this optional guarantee, your license will be updated automatically to every newest release. You should also be able to retain your original activation code. If you are having any issues with license upgrades, feel free to contact us asap.

If you purchased Disk Drill premium edition at a promotional price, all regular upgrade conditions and discounts apply to you.

Not sure if you are entitled for a free upgrade? Shoot us an email. Include your original order ID and date, and we’ll be glad to assist.

We thank all our clients for your support! We are always excited to hear your data recovery success stories. Feel free to send them to us.

.updated: July 25, 2018 author: CleverFiles Team