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Disk DrillDisk Drill 2.1.378 is out today. This version improves Disk Drill’s data protection, Deep Scan and a load of other features:

  •  new  Deep Scan recovery method learns .TAX file signatures for TurboTax software
  •  new  Disk Drill monitors for updates of Fuse module to prevent potential issues
  •  improved  Deep Scan finds more lost HFS+ partitions after formatting
  •  improved  software activation procedure and introduced activation code auto-trimming
  •  improved  detection and reporting of hard drive I/O errors
  •  improved  visual feedback in Disk Drill’s UI when mounting recoverable files as a separate disk
  •  improved  filtering of unusually large FLAC files in recovery list after scanning
  •  fixed  random crashes

Disk Drill is available directly from CleverFiles. The latest version can be downloaded here. Thank you.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team