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Secure Data Recovery Services, Data Analyzers, DataRetrieval, Drive Medics Data Recovery, File Savers Data Recovery — these are just a few examples of San Diego data recovery services. If you are one of those unlucky individuals whose SD card developed an “error” at the end of a two-week trip to Europe, or whose dissertation got accidentally deleted before you even had a chance to properly back it up, chances are that you recognize some of these file recovery in San Diego services.

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You may have visited one or two of these data recovery center in San Diego, only to find out that data recovery centers don’t exactly meet your criteria. For example, in the case of the lost dissertation, the company would likely require you to hand over the entire laptop or hard drive. Imagine how many other documents, pictures, and videos you store there. Everything would be exposed to employees of the data recovery center, creating a potential privacy problem. Even if the company itself is honest and has a strong security policy in place, it could still be attacked by an anonymous online hacker, who could steal everything from their servers — including the complete content of your hard drive.

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Like in most large cities, hard drive data recovery in San Diego is expensive. Best data recovery services in San Diego charge prices that most ordinary citizens simply can’t afford. This leads us to an interesting question: What other data recovery options are there? If data recovery in San Diego is expensive and even the best data recovery company in San Diego can be hacked, how can you get your lost files back?

The answer is: do-it-yourself data recovery app, such as Disk Drill. Instead of going to a data recovery center in San Diego, you just open a web browser, download the software to your computer, and do the entire data recovery yourself. There’s no need to be a tech wizard just to get your deleted files back. CleverFiles, developers of Disk Drill, have created a full-featured product that meets everyone’s criteria, including individual users, small businesses, mid-sized corporations, large conglomerates, and state governments.

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Disk Drill
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The software is self-explanatory and can deal with most data recovery scenarios with ease. Since it’s available for free online, you don’t even spend your valuable time trying to find a nearby data recovery center. Instead, you become your own data recovery guru and, in the process, develop into someone who can even help others who deal with the same problem.

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