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Disk Drill 2.0 has a whole new interface. But don’t worry! All your favorite features are still there. Here’s a brief overview of the changes:

  1. Main Window: Disk Drill now opens in Recovery mode. You no longer need to choose between the Prevent Data Loss and Recover Data sections. The Prevent Data Loss option is still available though. Just look to the right of each disk/partition and you will see the word Protect.

  2. Universal Recovery Button: Instead of all the scanning options, you will instead see one simple Recovery button. Clicking this button will cycle through all available scanning modes for that volume and then display the list of files available for recovery. But if you wish to select a specific scanning mode, you still can. Just click the drop-down arrow on the Recovery Button to select the scanning method of your choice. Learn more about each scanning method in our Scanning FAQs.
  3. Protect Button: The Protect button to the right of each volume name (shown only when protection is an option for that volume) will take you to the area where you can adjust the settings for Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery.
  4. Extras Button: The Extras button is where you can find the options such as backing up a disk to a DMG (disk image) or re-mounting a disk as read-only.

You may also want to check out this article to learn what some of the symbols next to the disk names mean.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team