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Today we are excited to share with you an updated Disk Drill 2.3. It’s a major upgrade, and it offers a huuuuuge number of major and minor improvements. First of all, it’s finally retina-ready… and it looks gorgeous on beautiful retina screens.

Disk Drill 2.3 is retina-ready (click for more real pixels)

Disk Drill 2.3 is also faster, more powerful, and more stable. It’s another major step forward to helping you recover your data easily and in the shortest time. If your data is still recoverable, Disk Drill will find it. All recovery methods got a touch of improvement by our developers.

  • new Disk Drill learns several new file types for the Deep Scan: FCPEVENT (Final Cut Events), NRW (Nikon Raw Image File), PEM (RSA Private Key), PUB (RSA Public Key), VDI (VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image for static disks only), QBB (QuickBooks), DPDOC (Digital Performer Document)
  • new drive blocks reading indication when scanning for more detailed activity visualization
  • improved support of EXFAT within Deep Scan
  • improved Rebuild option is no longer available for system-reserved partitions to prevent alteration of restricted system data
  • improved MPEG files recovery including erroneous detection of multitude of smaller MP4 videos
  • improved compatibility with other installed software by TomTom
  • improved when mounting a disk image (DMG), image file name is also displayed in the disk list
  • improved autosaving of the scanning session
  • improved lost partition search, fewer inexistent partitions are found
  • improved pausing/stopping/resuming of scanning (plus a better more distinct action button)
  • fixed several cases when found video files are listed at 0 bytes, but previewing, recovering and playing well
  • fixed occasional app freezing when canceling scan during freespace allocation step
  • fixed several memory leaks when scanning
  • fixed erroneous detection of terabytes of bad sectors on some hard drives


The new release is here, as always.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team