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In this case study Jerome Atlas, a professional photographer, explains how he benefits from using Disk Drill.

What challenge made you search for this kind of the software?

I work as a photographer for more than 10 years and the need for the recovery solution rises quite often. Once you have deleted your files from your camera’s SD card or cleaned out a Trash full of RAW photos, you might realize that you are in need of those files. And as the rule in such situations there is no backup copies available.

I have been a lifelong PC user and my rescue app was Recuva* but when my Windows notebook died I made a decision to switch to Mac. But later I have realized that I need an alternative to Recuva app that works on Mac OS X.

* Recuva is an application that recovers data deleted from Windows computers

How did you get to know about Disk Drill by Cleverfiles?

I have googled phrases like “recuva mac”, “recuva alternative mac”, “recuva os x”, etc. and also I have reviewed all recovery-related apps available on MacUpdate.  And that search brought up a product that I downloaded, tried and purchased eventually. It was Disk Drill Expert! Disk Drill was fast, easy-to-use and what is the most important I had a helping hand from the support team when there were issues with my understanding of the software and even with my hardware (not-app related problem).

Jerome, how did you benefit from using data recovery solution from Clearfiles?

Disk Drill is a great Recuva alternative for Mac! It allows to restore all image formats that I use in my daily work, so I don’t need to worry about safety of my data anymore. Also I have become a data recovery expert for my friends.) Every time they are in trouble with lost data, I’m ready to restore their files and – most important – the nerves and time!

Thanks, Jerome, for your time and for your positive feedback!

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Vinny Miles,
Cleverfiles team

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team