We have received several questions on whether Disk Drill has the option to recover mbox data, that is actually used by Mail® App.

The short answer is – yes, it can! Disk Drill can recover mbox files in case of an accidental data loss but there is one condition. You should take care of protecting your emails in advance, means that your should secure your mailbox with the help of Recovery Vault.

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But why Recovery Vault and what about recovery with the help of Deep Scan?

The reason is that mbox is not actually a file, mbox is a folder where all emails are stored in a plain text format. Deep Scan is not capable to analyze and recover those files since the beginning and the end identifiers of the text files are not present there.

And here is where Recovery Vault comes into play. Recovery Vault stores all needed information about deleted files for a successful undelete operation and is able to retain the names and positions of deleted files on Mac OS X.

mailbox recovery mac

So, to enable mbox recovery, your hard drive where your Mail data is stored, need to be protected with Recovery Vault beforehand. It’s easily done by installing Disk Drill Basic, absolutely free edition and activating Recovery Vault feature. After that, in case of accidental deletion of the mailbox files you can undelete all data from Recovery Vault for FREE.
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.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team