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Disk Drill 1.2 is here. Update notifications will shoot out shortly. Meet the new recovery method, a number of important improvements and new localizations of the UI.

Here’s the detailed list of improvements since Disk Drill 1.1:

  • new a number of known file types can now be recovered with Deep Scan (PSD, MKV, OGG, DMG, M2TS, M2T, EMB, MAX, SDA, SDC, XLR, ALBM, JNB, WPS, MSG, AMB, SDW, VSD, SLDPRT, QPW, P65, DGN, FLA, AIF, DV, MM by FreeMind, OGM, TOD, etc)
  • new Quick Scan is now available for HFS+ partitions, so Disk Drill is now able to locate deleted files by scanning Mac file system’s journal
  • new Disk Drill is able to search for lost partitions now, which is extremely useful for initialized or formatted drives
  • new Disk Drill is now available in French, German, Italian and Spanish (more interface localizations are coming)
  • new now you can “Attach non-mountable disk images” when Disk Utility cannot mount a DMG
  • new more accurate S.M.A.R.T. monitoring configuration (see Preferences -> S.M.A.R.T.)
  • new now you can choose which disks will display their temperature as an alternative to impersonal icon in the menu bar in previous releases
  • new scanning sessions management directly from the app’s menu, including previous loaded sessions history
  • improved undeletion from Recovery Vault is now also available in Portable Mode
  • improved substantially improved scan session saving and loading, is now 10+ times faster
  • improved finding DOC, XLS, PPT and some other file types during Deep Scan
  • improved bad blocks detection and handling
  • improved disk monitoring menu bar icon can be hidden
  • improved more details on disk monitoring are available directly in the menu bar on click
  • improved scanning and recovery results sorting
  • improved scanning resuming when the target drive is in sleep mode
  • improved Recovery Vault resetting
  • fixed “Disk not mounted” error for disks that mount too slowly
  • fixed several exceptions and new crashes which were reported

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.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team