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It’s only been a couple weeks since the latest update of Disk Drill for Mac, but we’ve made some strides forward since then. Today, we are happy to present Disk Drill 2.4.417 with a few Deep Scan improvements, a couple overall updates and performance improvements. It’s also very likely that we’ll start speaking of Disk Drill v3 very soon, so stay tuned to our blog!

What’s new in Disk Drill 2.4.417

  •  new  Deep Scan gets the new signatures for Thumbs.db (cached previews on Windows), LWS (LightWave 3D Scene File), LWO (LightWave 3D Object File), ALS (Ableton Live Set File), SKETCH (Sketch vector drawing)
  •  new  we taught Disk Drill to recover the updated Numbers, Pages, Keynote packaged file formats
  •  improved  disk usage and CPU time, required for Disk Drill’s background daemon (data protection and disk health monitoring)
  •  improved  app activation internal algorithms got some polish
  •  fixed  occasional crash when switching user accounts

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What’s next?

Everything is going mobile these days. But mobile usually means “less powerful” in comparison to regular desktops and laptops, in many ways it’s true. But we’ve got a lot lined up already for Disk Drill 3, which is going to be huge! Does that mean there will be some place for Disk Drill for Android and iOS? May be…

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team