Disk Drill 4.0.130 for mac os first update

Following the amazing major upgrade of Disk Drill for macOS, we are excited to release Disk Drill 4.0.130 (Mac edition) with a number of improvements and fixes. Please get it here or in the app itself, report back if anything.

  •  Improved  detection of APFS drives with bad sectors
  •  Improved  EXIF metadata processing for DeepTIFF signature
  •  Improved  recovery and detection stability for deep-scanning of TIFF, JPG and X3F image formats
  •  Improved  several Data Shredder issues on macOS 10.11
  •  Improved  scan session saving and managing
  •  Improved  support of corrupted OS X Fuse installation
  •  Improved  multiple internal Byte-to-Byte Backup stabilizations and fixes
  •  Improved  managing HFS+ disks disconnecting right after rebuild before displaying its results
  •  Improved  HFS+ scanner could hang while reading deleted files’ attributes
  •  Improved  internal Duplicate Finder algorithms
  •  Improved  iOS 14.1 support
  •  Fixed  random crashes while deep-scanning unmounted partitions
  •  Fixed  crash when clicking system notifications related to recovery sessions
  •  Fixed  random crashes when initiating the recovery after completing the scan
  •  Fixed  occasional freezes in Clean Up module during scans
  •  Fixed  random crashes related to Time Capsule and Time Machine activity
  •  Fixed  accidental crash when selecting recovered files while the scan was still in progress
  •  Fixed  unsystematic crash when unmounting iOS devices
  •  Fixed  crash when Disk Drill is blocked from accessing the Internet

🙏 Thanks for your continued support.

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.updated: December 7, 2020 author: Jeff Cochin