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Briefly: Yes, Disk Drill is capable of recovering .app Mac program files. However, due to the fact that .app is actually a “package” (folder) and not a single file, you can only recover them under certain situations:

  1. If your Mac was protected with Recovery Vault when the deletion occurred. Folder recovery is a major benefit of having Recovery Vault enabled, and as you may know, Recovery Vault technology is totally free for all users of Disk Drill.
  2. If you are able to launch Disk Drill immediately after deleting the .app, Quick Scan may be able to recover it. Mac internal hard drives don’t keep this information for long though, so if any time has passed, Quick Scan will probably not be able to recover it.
  3. If the .app file was lost due to lost partition or catalog error. By clicking the universal Recover button next to the disk where your .app was stored, Disk Drill will run through all of the partition find/rebuild modes. If a partition is found, it will then Quick Scan it and may be able to recover the .app files.

Unfortunately, Deep Scan is of no help in this situation, since it can only recover individual files, not .app packages.

.updated: June 3, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team