What Is the INX (Adobe InDesign Interchange) File Format Used For?

inx file format

With modern files formats that support versioning and various other nifty features come many problems, including file corruption, file size bloat, and others. <br/ >The INX file format solves these problems by creating a stripped-down version of InDesign documents.

What Is a INX Files?

Files with the INX file extension are essentially XML documents. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. As such, an INX file can preserve all formatting, including colors, page items, rules guides, and so on. Because the content of INX files is just plain text, they can be automatically created or edited by a database or script.

A file with the .INX file extension is typically much smaller than a corresponding file with the .AI file extension, making it more suitable for long-term archiving and online sharing. That being said, you still need a copy of Adobe InDesign to edit or print a file with the INX file extension.

How to Open INX Files?

INX files can be opened with Notepad or another plaintext editor. Unless you have some sort of superhuman ability that allows you to read markup languages such as XML, you most likely won’t get too far before your head starts to hurt from the walls and walls of text.

Even if you’re a superhuman who can read INX files just as easily as a takeout menu, you may still prefer to download and install Adobe InDesign to save some time. Adobe offers a free trial version on their website, which is perfect for viewing a single INX file or deciding whether InDesign is the right software for you.

If you really want to work with INX files using a text editor, you should download one of many powerful Notepad replacements. Many people enjoy the simplicity of Notepad++, a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages, but some prefer the capability of Sublime Text, a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. There’s also Atom, a hackable text editor hosted at GitHub, and we, of course, can’t leave out Vim, an advanced text editor that allows syntax highlighting, word completion and has a huge amount of contributed content. These programs make it much easier to work with large text files.

How to Recover Deleted INX Files?

To perform INX file recovery, download Disk Drill, a premium data recovery suit for Mac OS X and Windows. Open the application and select the storage device from which you want to recover INX files. It will take just a few moments before Disk Drill locates all deleted INX files and gives you the option to recover them.

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How to Repair INX Files?

Repairing broken or corrupted INX files with Disk Drill is just as easy as recovering them. Just fire up the program and let the advanced data recovery algorithms do their job. If there’s still a chance to repair the files, Disk Drill will take care of it in no time.

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