Disk Drill 4.0.528 - Released in July 2020

July 07, 2020: meet the new Disk Drill 4.0.528, one of our feature updates of its Windows edition. It includes some new features, relevant changes to what’s already in the app, and several fixes. As always, here’s the complete changelog:

  •  File Signatures  Deep Scan learns to recover RAR5 (recent WinRAR compressed file format)
  •  UI  new Home button on the final recovery screen takes users back to the disk list in one click, improves internal Disk Drill navigation
  •  Disk Health Monitoring  updated S.M.A.R.T. disk health monitoring code, more storage devices supported
  •  ExFAT  improved scan and recovery from damaged ExFAT file systems once it can’t be mounted
  •  Archives Recovery  improved scanning and recovery, original file name detection for archives like ZIP, CAB, RAR, RAR5
  •  NTFS  improved NTFS scanning and recovery results, original file path detection
  •  FAT32  improved FAT32 scanning and recovery, inconsistent blank file names
  •  File Signatures  proper AAC file detection in Deep Scan
  •  File Signatures  improved Deep Scan stability while extracting metadata from TIFF, JPG, and X3F formats
  •  File Signatures  proper detection of M4B files (MPEG-4 Audio Books)
  •  APFS  improved support of Zalman docking stations, corrected lost and live partition detection
  •  Deployment  improved Disk Drill installation speed when damaged devices are attached
  •  APFS  improved error messages for unstable scans and storage devices
  •  NTFS  support of larger NTFS cluster sizes
  •  Configuration  S.M.A.R.T. disk health monitoring can now be disabled in the app (via 3-dot menu)
  •  UI  Disk Drill window saves its dimensions and screen position more consistently
  •  Data Protection  security fixes in Recovery Vault
  •  Fixed  internal Disk Drill navigation in Lost Partition Scans
  •  Fixed  some occasional crashes while saving scan sessions
  •  Fixed  occasional crashes while detecting TIFF files

Download the latest release of Disk Drill for Windows.

Thank you for keeping it in your arsenal! Whenever you need our team’s help, get in touch.

.updated: November 18, 2020 author: CleverFiles Team