Disk Drill 4.1 for WindowsDisk Drill 4.1 adds new file formats to its Deep Scan recognition algos, improvements in NTFS and FAT32 recovery, various tweaks in managing ongoing scans, and so much more. Disk Drill becomes smarter with every update delivering improved UI and backbone powerhouse.

  •  New  Extended selection controls in the recovery tree
  •  New  New option to “Select only files that were not recovered yet” in the recovery tree
  •  New  Auto-resuming scans of frequently disconnecting devices
  •  New  Disk Drill’s Deep Scan learns new file formats for Ichitaro Word Processor – .JTD, .JTDC, .JTT, and .JTTC, as well as .PUB (MS Publisher documents)
  •  Improved  NTFS scanning stability
  •  Improved  FAT32 recovery stability enhancements
  •  Improved  Window size saving and restoring
  •  Improved  Device status and other notifications design
  •  Improved  Saving and resuming scans
  •  Improved  MS Office DOC/DOCX file format detection while deep-scanning
  •  Improved  ZIP and RAR archives recovery and file naming
  •  Improved  Detection and recovery of TTF, ICNS and PDF file formats
  •  Improved  Recovery speed and memory footprint
  •  Improved  Updated sequence of scanning methods for improved recoverability and bad sectors detection
  •  Improved  After-scan file postprocessing now shows in GUI as “Reconstructing files and folders”
  •  Improved  File previews and hex viewer properly disabled for offline scanning sessions
  •  Improved  Refreshed visuals and next steps in the final recovery screen
  •  Improved  Disk Drill now properly handles recovery attempts to read-only devices
  •  Improved  Preview pane controls consistency
  •  Improved  Disk Drill can now save interrupted scanning sessions for disconnected storage devices
  •  Improved  Quick Scans on NTFS partitions with cluster size bigger than 64 KB
  •  Improved  Recovery destination selection dialog
  •  Improved  Undelete Protected Data now properly handles read-only devices
  •  Improved  More consistent app window dimensions in various screen configurations
  •  Improved  Multiple improvements in “Select All” functionality throughout Disk Drill’s modules
  •  Improved  Disk status updates could overlap scanning messages and other messaging improvements
  •  Improved  Multiple in-app search improvements
  •  Fixed  A bunch of random crashes related to scanning and loading saved sessions
  •  Fixed  Disk switched into read-only status after partial session loading
  •  Fixed  Random crashes related to Disk Drill’s system tray menu
  •  Fixed  Crash when detecting TIFF file signature as part of deep scans
  •  Fixed  Crashes related to non-accessible session files
  •  Fixed  Offline license activation on Windows 7
  •  Fixed  Data Protection can no longer be enabled on read-only devices
  •  Fixed  Crashes when EXT partitions were created while Disk Drill was active in the background
  •  Fixed  Occasional crash when scanning HFS+ partitions
  •  Fixed  Error messages when quitting Disk Drill right after starting the app
  •  Fixed  Session autosaving on device disconnection
  •  Fixed  Rare crashes when restoring Disk Drill after PC’s sleep mode
  •  Fixed  Visual fixes when searching for long file names in Disk Drill’s scanning results
  •  Fixed  Occasional freeze when loading saved session files
  •  Fixed  Session auto-saving on multiple device disconnects
  •  Fixed  Continue button could be truncated due to long device name
  •  Fixed  Glitchy sorting by name in some UI modes
  •  Fixed  Save session button disappeared after file recovery

Here’s what we were busy with. More to come.

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.updated: December 23, 2020 author: Jeff Cochin