The new minor update of Disk Drill 5.1 sees lots of new file types added to its recovery résumé, a more responsive interface, and better support for iOS devices.

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disk drill 5.1 for macos update


  • Faster scans for lost data thanks to new caching algorithms
  • Recovery from Windows Storage Spaces (also known as Storage Pool)
  • Lots of new file signatures are now found by Deep Scan, including ZPR, ZBR – Pixologic ZBrush 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting; PCBDOC, PCBLIB, SCHLIB, SCHDOC – Altium Designer; GED – GEDCOM Genealogy Data File; XCF – eXperimental Computing Facility, the native image format of the GIMP image-editing; PPM – Flipnote Studio Animation files; ANX – HotDocs Answer Format files; SPP – Substance Painter project; PRJPCB – Altium Designer Project file; XHW – ChamSys MagicQ Icon Snapshots files; ARI – ARRIRAW images; ARX – ARRIRAW images; TAR – Tape Archive files.
  • Symlink support to recover data from iOS backups saved to external storage locations (including network and web-based ones)
  • iOS Backups can now be shown in Finder via right click


  • Fine-tuned Disk Drill interface responsiveness
  • Better recovery from SSD on M1, M2, and T2-based Macs
  • More details on lost partitions displayed while scanning
  • More app-specific files extracted during iOS recovery and placed into Accessible Files category in results
  • Disk Drill’s iOS data recovery module extracts more files with longer names (above 72 characters)
  • Improved scanning feedback for locked iOS 16+ devices
  • Visually improved hints for even easier navigation through the app
  • Greatly improved detection of RAID5 with EXT file system
  • Smoother start of iOS recovery thanks to preliminary disk space and device availability verification
  • Enhanced preview with even more information about found folders
  • More intuitive support for native macOS hotkey combos
  • Better recovery chances prediction for APFS drives
  • A more on-point icons design in dark mode
  • A more responsive iOS scan cancellation
  • Greatly improved scanning of FAT32 systems


  • Random exception error messages when a disk was disconnected while navigating through the list of sources available for recovery
  • Multiple interface touchups throughout the app modules
  • An issue with adding identical folders to Clean Up, Data Shredder, and Find Duplicates modules
  • Now Clean Up and Data Shredder modules give out a warning when attempting to add an item that’s already on the list
  • Erroneous number of recovered files indicated upon recovery completion, if the destination drive was disconnected at some point of the recovery process
  • The S.M.A.R.T. module refreshing its data continuously

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: January 31, 2023 author: CleverFiles Team