Disk Drill 5.1 gets a new update with a large number of new file types available for recovery, refined interface, improved stability and speed of scan

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disk drill 5.1 for windows update


  • File recovery from Windows Storage Spaces (also known as Storage Pool)
  • Faster scanning times thanks to new caching algorithms
  • Even more file signatures are now discovered by Deep Scan: TAR – Tape Archive files; ZPR, ZBR – Pixologic ZBrush 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting; PCBDOC, PCBLIB, SCHLIB, SCHDOC – Altium Designer; GED – GEDCOM Genealogy Data files; XCF – eXperimental Computing Facility, the native image format of the GIMP image-editing; PPM – Flipnote Studio Animation files; ANX – HotDocs answer files; SPP – Substance Painter Project; PRJPCB – Altium Designer project files; XHW – ChamSys MagicQ icon snapshot files; ARI, ARX – ARRIRAW images.
  • All previously connected Disk Images are reconnected upon Disk Drill restart


  • Scan sessions are properly timestamped corresponding to users’ computer regional settings
  • Disk Drill now shows even more details about lost partitions while scanning
  • Better detection of RAID arrays with missing drives
  • RAID arrays with an unidentified file system are labeled as RAW
  • Improved installation path verification
  • Refined scan results filters
  • Refined user interface and preview of recoverable files
  • A better logical presentation of available recovery destination drives
  • Improvements in Disk Drill’s Dark Mode
  • Even more M1V files are now found during Deep Scan
  • Show in Explorer option navigates to partially created Disk Backup file (DMG) even when backup process was not completed
  • Deep Scan is even faster now thanks to enhancements in file and folder reconstruction algorithm
  • Lots of improvements in FAT32 data recovery
  • A more precise scan progress info, especially when dealing with larger files


  • Fixed error while scanning for folders and files with lengthier paths (e.g. multiple subfolders)
  • Rare offline activation issues fixed
  • Certain values were not shown properly or not shown at all after loading a recent session
  • The app performance when devices are disconnected and reconnected during an ongoing scan
  • Minor interface glitches while adding items for recovery
  • The name of the scanned drive was not displayed after loading an interrupted scan session
  • The rare hidden system files filtering issues
  • Random app crash issues during the license activation
  • Untimely success message when an interrupted scan session was loaded
  • Recent session disk name display issues
  • Incorrect display of free space on RAID arrays available for saving the recovery results

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: March 1, 2023 author: CleverFiles Team