Disk Drill 5.2 for Windows: even more file types can be recovered now, better handling of Linux RAID 6 and Windows Storage Spaces, as well as many subtle improvements throughout the interface

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disk drill 5.2 for windows update


  • We’ve added a global scan ETA indicator. Previously, only Deep Scan had an estimated time shown, now you can see how much time the whole process from the very beginning is estimated to take
  • Hide duplicate files in scan results with a new filter
  • Now all recovered files can be saved in a single folder disregarding how they were structured before data loss
  • New file signatures supported by Deep Scan – GZ, TGZ, ALS, FC (FlipaClip: 2D Animation creation app)
  • Scan sessions created in Disk Drill 4 are not supported by Disk Drill 5 anymore


  • Simultaneously add multiple disk images to Disk Drill for scanning
  • Better detection and handling of Linux RAID 6
  • Better detection of BitLocker-encrypted volumes in Windows Storage Spaces
  • Hover your mouse cursor over recovery destinations for your recovered files to see the full path and choose a proper folder
  • Better file preview experience for all types of computer monitors, but specifically for those with smaller resolution
  • Changes in date filter for scan results
  • Checking for updates mechanisms have been optimized
  • Switching a Windows Storage Space drive from read-only to writable is now possible via the right-click menu


  • NTFS scanner stability issues when deallocated objects were found by Disk Drill
  • Occasional crashes when a device was disconnected and Disk Drill app closed
  • Full-screen icon not shown in HEX view
  • Displaced Disk Drill window after maximizing it and then restoring to original
  • Minor glitches during offline activation
  • A detached file preview window would hide in the background when a previewed file was added to the recovery list
  • A selected recovery chances filter would not reset to default
  • Incorrect reset behavior for Show hidden system files and Hide duplicates filters
  • Scan a disk image tooltip was still shown even after the scan source was selected (only happened with faulty Windows Storage Spaces drives)
  • Incorrect behavior of detached preview window if the previewed image was scaled
  • An issue with a scanned disk switching to the read-only mode if computer was restarted or powered off
  • Incorrect detection of total size of found files would sometimes lead to a crash

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: May 15, 2023 author: CleverFiles Team