Disk Drill by CleverFiles, the timeless leader in Mac data recovery, has been upgraded to version 5. It’s our first release optimized for macOS Ventura. Now Disk Drill 5 scans and recovers lost data from iPhones and iPads running iOS 16, including iOS backups and iPadOS. The new version predicts your data recovery chances file by file, adds support for RAID arrays and virtual hard drives, and is fully compatible with Apple’s new M2 chips. See the full list of what’s new in Disk Drill 5, below.

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all new disk drill 5 for macos ventura


  • Cutting-edge smooth modular user interface
  • Disk Drill 5 is the first release of our data recovery software fully compatible with macOS Ventura (version 13)
  • Scan and recover lost data from iPhones and iPads running iOS 16/16.1, iOS backups and iPadOS included
  • Predict recovery chances before the actual recovery
  • Fully compatible with Apple computers powered by the new M2 chip
  • RAID recovery – scan and undelete data from Windows and Linux software RAID arrays
  • VHD and VHDX support – Disk Drill 5 can mount, scan and recover data from your Virtual Hard Drives
  • Multiple new image formats can be reconstructed and properly labeled by Deep Scan. Among them: CRW (raw photos by Canon), CPT (Corel Photo-Paint 2019), EXR (high-dynamic range, multi-channel raster images), INSP (Insta360 panoramic images), X3I (super fine detail Sigma raw photos)
  • Deep Scan masters more video formats: VP6 (On2 TrueMotion), R3D (video files by the RED Cinema), and M1V (Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 1&2)
  • Google Pixel Motion Photos recovery
  • A great variety of professional file formats added to Disk Drill’s Deep Scan and labeling algorithms. Among them: XD (Adobe XD mockups), MB (Autodesk Maya 2020 binary & ASCII projects), PTS, PTF, PTX, PTXP (Avid Pro Tools Sessions, multiple versions), MDP (Fire Alpaca), PLD5 (Professional League by ligaverwaltung.de), XMIND, RPH (Stormware Pohoda), GEO (TruTops by Trumpf), VBS & SUD (NI DIAdem VB scripts & user dialog files), VWX (Vectorworks 2019), SBK SHW (ChamSys MagicQ), 3MF (3D manufacturing & modeling files), STL (CAD-related binary & ASCII files), and GSM (Archicad 25 library objects)
  • New file generation rules in Deep Scan for multiple file signatures: VSD (MS Visio), JNB (SigmaPlot), MAX (3D Max), QPW (Quattro Pro), SDW & SDA (StarOffice), SDC, SXC, SXD, SXI, SXW, ODT, ODG, ODS, ODP (OpenOffice), TTF (you know this one, right?) among them
  • Deep Scan in Disk Drill for Mac is catching up with its Windows sibling – adds DMF file signature to recognize and properly recover deleted the Geosystem Digitals Map Files
  • Introducing more ways to manage, filter, group and sort through the found data
  • Entire disk scans may now produce additional recoverable file trees under the new “Lost data structures” group in the scanning results
  • More informative scanning progress indicator
  • Search history for scan results
  • macOS Installer creation module now offers the downloading of older versions of macOS/Mac OS X
  • And yes! Scanning sessions are now cross-platform. You can start scanning a drive for lost data in Disk Drill for Mac and continue/finish the scan on a Windows computer, or vice versa
  • S.M.A.R.T. module – keyboard navigation and clipboard integration


  • Heavily upgraded recovery from EXT3 and EXT4 Linux file systems, both Quick and Deep Scans
  • Lost APFS partitions detection and recovery from them
  • Recovery of relocated files from APFS partitions
  • Scanning and recovery from multiple live APFS and HFS partitions on one disk
  • EXT4 recovery now properly understands and treats symbolic links
  • EXT3 and EXT4 recovery algorithms prevent data duplication when all available scanning methods run simultaneously
  • ExFAT and FAT32 algorithms detect and restore more deleted fragmented files
  • iOS data recovery: Disk Drill implements new algorithms to restore data from multiple 3rd-party messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Line, as well as Voice Memos, and voicemails
  • Deep Scan – improved detection and reconstruction of Insta360 One X, TTF, M4A, M4B, and Macromedia Director’s DIR, DXR, CST, CXT file formats
  • Faster detection and reconstruction of multi-image JPG files (MP images) for some models of Samsung, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras
  • File labeling for MOV, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, M4B, and BRAW file formats in Deep Scan
  • Simplified scanning results, better file grouping, intuitive default navigation and more
  • Updated default recovery setting – Disk Drill 5 ignores the original folder structure for recovered items and restores all selected files to the same location (change this in Preferences)
  • Recovery chances prediction for ZIP and RAR archives
  • Revamped recovery of MXF files (video and audio data in the Material Exchange format), added support for updated high-definition codecs
  • Deep Scan – added mandatory chunk control for improved PNG recovery
  • Date info processing for recovered files
  • Verifying required disk space at destination when creating macOS installers
  • When loading large scanning sessions users will start getting recoverable data before session files are fully loaded
  • False-positives while scanning large HFS partitions are mostly eliminated
  • Fewer false-positive detections of STL files during Deep Scan
  • Icons mode – multiple thumbnail enhancements and fixes
  • macOS Dark Mode support
  • iPads are now properly identified with iPadOS label and its version
  • Use macOS Ventura (version 13) disk image as source when creating new macOS installers
  • Several internal updates in S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring thanks to smartmontools 7.3


  • Listing of unpaired iOS devices as available
  • Loss of data in Guaranteed Recovery storage during intensive disk scans while certain storage size limits were in place
  • Some NTFS partitions could be falsely listed as RAW
  • Corrupt system folder permissions leading to Disk Drill’s reinstallation request on every launch
  • Video files can be previewed on the first click now; double clicking not needed any more

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.updated: November 14, 2022 author: CleverFiles Team