New faster Disk Drill for macOS with improved support for RAID arrays, multiple interface enhancements, and some minor fixes throughout.

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disk drill 5.3 for macos update


  • Disk Drill works on macOS Sonoma (version 14) beta and supports data recovery from iOS 17 beta
  • Disk Drill displays more relevant data for iOS devices currently connected for recovery
  • ETA is now calculated and displayed during iOS devices scan
  • Forensic reports now include the serial number of a scanned disk
  • Improved identification of GUID Partition Tables and MBR partition tables maximizing outcomes when looking for lost partitions
  • New file types supported by Deep Scan – Lotus Notes Archive (.nsf)


  • Improved handling of found files in case their original modification date cannot be correctly recovered
  • Filtering of scan results is now 35-50% faster
  • Scan and preview of Notes on a scanned iOS device is much improved
  • iOS device module functionality has been enhanced for a more user-conscious performance
  • If some of the disks of a scanned RAID array are offline, the array is highlighted in red to draw immediate attention
  • Better detection and analysis of Apple RAID 0 array
  • Improved performance when searching through scan results
  • Better handling of RAID arrays by Data Protection module
  • Data Shredder intro screen got an update
  • Improved detection of RAID array disks with JBOD configurations
  • General improvements in keyboard navigation of Disk Drill interface


  • A crash occurring during file names generation based on metadata discovered by signature scan
  • Some language localizations didn’t display the found lost partitions icons in scan results
  • Preview panel glitch if the panel was hidden and then shown again
  • Some interface glitches while creating backups of USB sticks or RAID arrays
  • iOS module crash occurring if switching between different scan result views
  • Preview option was missing from the context menu in the Icons view in iOS module
  • File size filter in scan results wouldn’t reset in some cases
  • Scan results view would sometimes reset to default after Time Machine data recovery

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: July 14, 2023 author: CleverFiles Team