Welcome Disk Drill 4.4 for Windows! This version comes with full Windows 11 compatibility and lots of interface improvements – there are more interactive dialogs helping you navigate the recovery process easily and improvements in various localizations. Backup features were seriously refined, as was overall data recovery algorithms stability on NTFS and FAT32. Enhanced recovery of EMF, JPG, CR3, X3F, BRAW, Bitmap file formats.

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Disk Drill 4.4 for Windows 11


  • Disk Drill is now officially compatible with Windows 11
  • New comprehensive notification popup upon the scan completion
  • The session saving progress is now shown in a modal window for user’s convenience
  • During a backup copy creation, Disk Drill scans for and informs about bad blocks on the disk and whether their number is critical for the disk’s further functioning
  • Confirmation alerts were added for cancelations of scan, recovery and backup processes
  • The preview window has been tremendously updated: scale and rotate the supported file previews; pin the window on top; a previewed file can be selected for recovery even faster now with a conveniently placed checkbox. The preview window now also remembers its position and size
  • Increased scanning speed by optimizing the “empty” blocks scan
  • If bad blocks are found on a disk during the scan process, Disk Drill shows a message with related information and recommendations
  • The backup process offers more flexibility now by allowing you to indicate the start and end positions for backup, or specify its desired size


  • Image size detection greatly improved for JPG files
  • A much better detection of Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF) files
  • Better detection of X3F files for Sigma sd Quattro cameras
  • Better support for the BRAW (Blackmagic RAW) format with its new codecs
  • Better handling of interrupted Deep Scans
  • A greatly improved scan process for NTFS systems with their partitions formatted in Acronis software
  • A much better recovery for CR3 (Canon RAW format) files, specifically for the Canon EOS R6 (craw with HDR preview), Canon EOS R5 (craw HDR, FW 1.2.0), Canon EOS 1DX Mark III (craw w/ HDR FW 1.0), and Canon EOS R5 (craw/craw HDR FW 1.0) cameras
  • Recovery chances of the found files are dynamically refreshed as they are calculated (even when scrolling the list of scan results)
  • Multiple minor tweaks in the interface to make it even more comprehensive and native to Windows OS
  • A new informer when attempting to store backups of partitions larger than 4 GB on FAT32 systems
  • The recovery log always contains all the files selected for recovery, even if the recovery process itself was paused midway
  • The overall recovery algorithms stability during the recovery of badly corrupted FAT systems has been greatly improved
  • When attempting to open a session created in a newer version of Disk Drill, the app will give a comprehensive warning of an unsupported session format
  • Disk Drill will now properly inform users when the storage device with the DMG file being scanned gets disconnected
  • Greatly enhanced recovery chances calculation on Windows x86
  • Updated support for bitmap image files – those that contain multiple images, icons and cursor files for OS/2
  • Log files now contain extended information about scan durations for every drive scanned


  • During installation, Disk Drill checks whether Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is running on a computer, which is important for a proper software launch
  • Minor text edits in various localizations to make sure all messages fit in their windows
  • Software crash when quitting a scan and clicking “Yes” to confirm
  • The already recovered empty files (0 bytes) were still selected for recovery upon going back to scan results
  • Recovered empty files (0 bytes) didn’t have the “Success!” status assigned to them
  • Erroneous assignment of the “Success!” recovery status in certain scenarios to the files that haven’t been recovered yet
  • Disabled “Scan entire disk” and “Skip” options after a disk partition was scanned and disk was then disconnected and connected again
  • The “Review Found Items” option was not displayed when using the “Undelete protected data” method on system disks with data protection enabled

Download Disk Drill data recovery app Download now

.updated: November 4, 2021 author: CleverFiles Team