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Apr 3, 2023
Disk Drill Recovered my 4TB WD Portable SSD

Had to upgrade to the Pro version to accomplish my drive recovery. I guess it was worth the Pro price and 5 star rating because it quickly and easily did what it promised it would do which was recover my entire USB drive – once I upgraded to the paid version. My brand new 1 month old WD portable 4TB USB drive suddenly stopped mounting to my Mac this morning and files couldn't read or write. Mac's own built in Disk Utility couldnt repair that portable drive, only said it could erase it and reformat which was obviously not what I needed with almost 3/4TB of saved files on the portable drive. Free version of Disk Drill found the majority of files were still okay on the portable drive , however only the paid version would restore them. A quick search online revealed most of the other Mac data recovery apps were about the same initial purchase price but only Disk Drill offered a lifetime of free upgrades for a small extra fee, so that was my decision maker to buy. Wish I could charge the software purchase price back to WD but not sure it's their fault yet at WD, never had a problem with WD portable SSDs before until now. Don't know what corrupted the 4TB drive yet. Disk Drive worked for me – it did take about 20 mins to recover a 250GB chunk of my portable drive – so figure about an hour or so to recover a full 1TB. Grit your teeth and pay for the pro upgrade.

George B
Apr 3, 2023
Disk Drill is the best!

I recently bought Disk Drill Pro with lifetime upgrades for Macintosh after trying the free version for a while. Disk Drill does so many things and does them well with an easy to use interface. I especially love the find duplicates feature. I was able to easily identify duplicate pictures and documents . The program lets you see the actual files before you delete them, which is a great feature. One of the best features is the byte-to-byte backup feature which lets you clone your hard drive.

All in all a very useful program well worth the money!

Jonathan T
Mar 12, 2023
Evidence on the harddrives

It just recently asked for a license change to new computer. Unexpected, I received the lastest update. You don't know, but my original disks were erased about 3-years ago, about the same time. Just before I acquired the DiskDrill software. I have the original internal harddrive and an thumbdrive. I tried an earlier version of DiskDrill on the thumbdrive. With this new update, I retrieved so much data.

I only have a suspicion about those who deleted both the internal- and thumb- drives. But, it was aimed at destroying evidence from my 2005 criminal case, *** County Superior Court — evidence contained on the harddrives.

Thank You

Feb 24, 2023
The Recover option did the job and restored the selected files

This morning I installed the beta version of Disk Drill and tried the Recover option. The Recover option did the job and restored the selected files.

This product is SO much better than the one I had before! Great user interface. And it allows me to choose the disk to scan rather than trying to scan every attached device before even presenting the user with options (the other product scans everything first, or simply hangs and appears to be scanning…. for days). Disk Drill scan is very quick compared to the other product. Love having the status bar during the scan! Great error logs to try and find the issue. Ability to use Windows explorer to work with the data to be recovered. Etc. It is simply a superb utility for recovering data!

Feb 23, 2023

I messed up saving my university literature review and overwrote my work and lost a large amount of my work. I was crying and distraught. Already under severe stress this was breaking point for me. Thanks to Google I found disk drill and I don't know what I would have done without it. Within 3 mins I had my work back (which I saved in a ridiculous amount of places to prevent reoccurrence). I cannot thank you enough and will recommend you to everyone.

Feb 14, 2023
freaking 50GBs...

Amazing app! Gave me a full insight where my data is.
Freed up 50GBs on my Mac!
Thanks guys.

Feb 5, 2023
Over 1.8TB worth of files were saved in one run. Wow.

Let me start with, this is maybe the 2nd review I've ever written in my life…however, minutes ago I was absolutely shocked with the performance and capability of this software.

I've had this 3TB hard drive for over 8 years now, consistently storing/moving decent-sized files daily. Well, my luck finally ran out this weekend, and the drive stopped showing up on my computer. I scanned it and sure enough, received a popup telling me my drive was damaged and to backup/restore it immediately. Over 90% of the sectors had failed within the drive, making it nearly impossible to transfer anything directly from the drive to another external storage device. I went through Disk Drill to perform a backup, and within minutes, I was able to find the hidden 3TB drive, search for the lost/damaged files, and export the data to another SSD. It found over 1.8TB worth of data, and saved all of it to my SSD overnight. I was able to recover data from the day I bought the hard drive in 2015. Lots of sentimental photos and videos of family, and many time-intensive projects that I had worked on.

I will say, I have the paid version of this software. But I cannot explain how much it has saved me. I called up a local data recovery company, which quoted me an outrageous number for their service, and they had to hold my drive for almost a week. I was able to perform a similar process, at home, for 1/10 of the price and time. A little due diligence goes a long way. Thank you CleverFiles and support team, you guys are fantastic.

Joshua Fetterhoff
Feb 2, 2023
100/10 Highly Recommend

I've been using this for data recovery and for duplicate storage management for around 6 months, and I can't tell you how much it has helped. There hasn't been a file that I have lost that I haven't been about to fully recover and use for projects. It has saved my butt multiple times. Even recovered files from 10+ years ago that I lost on an old external hard drive! Love the product! Thank you Dev team for continuing to keep up with and improve an already great product as well!

Mark Slater
Dec 28, 2022
Clever and very helpful to boot.

I used Disk drill pro to recover 1TB of data from a failed hard drive. A faultless process with online tutorials as a guide ,which meant I hadn't lost 5 years of data, I was very happy with the results and would recommend this software to anyone with a similar problem. It was worth. every penny.
On top of that, later, when there was a problem with my payment for the software through what was frankly a stupid mistake on my part. The guys at clever files couldn't have been more helpful and understanding. The best after sales experience I've ever had online!

Dec 17, 2022

I came back home drunk and looked at the pictures me and my friend had taken from our night out and accidentally deleted them all off of my SD card before I had a chance to put them on my PC. I downloaded and handful of different file recovery software in a panic, only to find I had to pay an extortionate subscription fee to these products to get those snaps back. Luckily I came across Disk Drill and got back all of those pictures for free and quickly. I never usually write reviews but I am so grateful that this product is accessible when all the others seem to want to rip you off. Thank you!!

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