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Jan 16, 2024
Saved me!!!

I somehow managed to lose all my files and thanks to Disk Drill i was able to recover them all! Thank you for saving years of work, my sanity and my sleep 🙂

Jan 15, 2024
Excellent support

I bought a brand new license after I lost some data, even though I already owned a license for a previous version. The support team *noticed* and sent me an email letting me know that they'd be *refunding me half the price* since I already owned a previous license. I didn't ask for a discount, I didn't expect a discount—these guys are incredible!

Jan 13, 2024
Excellent and easy to use

Downloaded this in a panic after losing a very important budget spreadsheet (somehow reverted to a much earlier version). No idea how it worked but it instantly found the up to date version and has saved the day! Thank you disk drill

Dec 19, 2023
DD installation on Mac Sonoma

I’ve a few issues after upgrading my Mac to 14.1. After an update version that I’ve using was no longer supported, but Davie in 1h handled & solved everything what is need to run Disk Drill on the newest MacOs.

Geoff Smith
Dec 3, 2023
Buy now don't wait

I am on an extended trip in Asia and lost a whole day’s SD card as I tried a “recommended!” download by cable instead of my normal card reader.

I thought I had lost all the files but Disk Drill found them all and with Pro I could recover and download them. I didn’t have Disk Drill before the trip but they were incredibly helpful in explaining how it works.

I should have bought and installed it before my trip….a must have App for photographers.

Nov 23, 2023
Great app

Restored an important file that I accidentally erased. I m so grateful!
Highly recommend!

Rob Lewis
Nov 21, 2023
Better than competitors

I recently had an SSD that lost its AFPS partition. I tried 2 different competing products and neither could find/read the APFS partition/file system, even though they "claim" they could. Not only did this product EASILY identify my files that were existing on the lost partition, it also found numerous files recently deleted (of course I was only interested in my "existing" files). I immediately purchased as this is absolutely an invaluable tool in today's modern digital age. I really wish I would have found this first!

Oct 18, 2023
Great but can be improved

I have recently purchased v.5.3.1313. The application works well, it did recover my disk, but I have a few requests for improvement:
– Some actions can’t be interrupted. Scanning images for ex. can take a very long time in a 2TB disk and there is no way to interrupt this action. You can’t even close the app while it’s doing the scanning.
– If you plug a new drive when the app is already open, either it doesn’t detect it or it takes ages before you get any indication that it has detected it. This is confusing.

It would be great to have these issues fixed.

From CleverFiles: Thank you so much for your review. You are right, some actions cannot be interrupted by definition. As for the slow detection of the drive, it’s probably damaged. Email us at or chat live with us below if you are still experiencing that.

Oct 9, 2023
Easy recovery of 10 year old disk data formatted multiple times

I’ve got my teenager photos back from disk I found while moving out to another apartment. The disk was formatted multiple times and used for many years by 4 different people/PCs. Disk Drill managed to get me many old files with few clicks! Pro license was worth it, also has few extra features like backups, health checks, just great.

Rohan Patil
Aug 21, 2023
Great Product for data recovery

I personally use disk drill all the time and we have seen great result.
we have also seen if you have any issue with activation disk drill team is just email away they help us for any issue

it is great product
great Result

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