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Paige Adam
Apr 2, 2024
miracle worker

I am super bad with technology and accidentally deleted some very important files. After frantically searching online, someone on reddit recommended disk drill and it saved me from a LOT of tears and stress. thank you so much!!!!!!! life saved

Victor Stoykov
Mar 24, 2024
Helps me to restore 1300GB deleted data from 900GB external HDD

This tool is great. It helps me to recover 1300GB deleted movies and images (includes old files) from 900GB HDD. The GUI is very easy for use and allows to save scanning for future restores. Tested on Windows 10 with DiskDrill Pro version. Highly recommends this tool.

Mar 18, 2024
Worked great!

I bought the Disk Drill Pro for a sd card where most pictures and videos were erased by mistake, and disk drill recovered 100% of the data that equalled to 40GB

Jan 31, 2024

Definitely get the DiskDrill software. I have gotten files back from damaged hard drives that even repair shops said they couldn’t fix without sending it to a lab and doing the $10k full physical procedure

Jan 30, 2024

I was editing last night and everything was fine. I tried to finish this morning and all my files were corrupted on the SSD. Thank god for Disk Drill. SAVED MY BUTT

Keith Rendel
Jan 27, 2024
Does what it is meant to. Free version is excellent and paid one is great value for bigger problems.

What a fab piece of software! I downloaded the free version to have a go at what I thought was a totally dead Terrabyte hard drive. After a few hours Disk Drill had made a backup copy and then I was able to recover the free version’s limit of 500MB in a few minutes.

I was so chuffed that I purchased the full version and, after a few more hours, had restored approximately 700GB (yes, Gigabytes) of precious memories that I thought I’d never see again.

This software is bloody awesome and great value. Thank you Disk Drill team!

Jan 24, 2024
Disk Drill Worked Better Than I Expected It To!!

Disk drill is amazing, it does so much more than it was advertised to do.

In mid-2023 I used a 1.5. T Flash drive to back up all of my pictures, over 25,000 of them, and all of my documents. Less than a week later, my computer crashed, and when I tried to use the backup flash drive, it said it was corrupted. I truly thought I had lost all my files for the past 10 years.

I downloaded the Pro version of Disk Drill, because I knew I had a lot more than 500 megabytes of information to retrieve and was hoping to get back at least half.

Disk Drill Was able to retrieve 97% of the lost Files and pictures!! The additional three per cent were pictures that were duplicates and I shouldn’t have kept anyway.

January 2024, my computer crashed again, and I finally got a new computer, the old one was a 2012, and realized I didn’t have the dot .exe file to reinstall Disk Drill to retrieve the lost information.

I went to and after a short chat and only giving my name and e-mail address, within 3 minutes they sent me the original e-mail from 1 year ago with all of the installation information, the download link and the License Key.

Disk Drill is not only a superior program, but they also have fantastic Customer Service!

Jan 20, 2024

Yesterday I deleted files in my One Drive without remembering that it’s connected to my laptop. Happily selected all files. And all the files on my laptop were happily deleted. Well done, Oskhie! 😩

Thank God, there’s Disk Drill! I’m able to retrieve the essential documents! 😁

Dec 2, 2023
Disk Drill best tool to recover files

Thanks to Disk Drill it saved my life. I accidentally delete an important file which was more important than my life. When I searched on google, I came across this tool which helped me to recover the deleted file. I recommend to use this tool because its fast and simple to recover all deleted files.

Linh Dinh
Nov 16, 2023

I’ve used Disk Drill for years. It’s easy to use, quick and reliable. Plus, their service department is top notch. Highly recommended.

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