CCleaner for Mac Review – It’s Time to Clean Up Your Mac

It’s common knowledge that cars require maintenance to stay in good working order. If you never change the oil in your car on time, the lifespan of the engine will be much shorter than it has to be. If you […]

Is There a Snipping Tool for Mac?

Since Window 7, Microsoft has been including an incredibly handy tool with its operating system: Snipping Tool. According to Microsoft, the easiest way to make a copy of something is to take a snapshot of the screen, and that’s exactly […]

Top 5 Data Recovery Apps for Windows

Top 5 Data Recovery Apps for Windows Data loss, also known as the elephant in the room! Lost data and files are all too common, not just on a personal level but in a professional environment too. While not seldom […]

How to Set Up Chromecast from Mac

Before the arrival of Google Chromecast it was necessary to install additional software to wirelessly send photos, audio, and videos to your television through your Mac. Chromecast setup on Mac is easy and changes everything in regards to digital media […]

How to easily recognize hidden files on your Mac

How to Show Hidden Files on Mac Believe it or not, but there are many files on your Mac computer that the Mac OS X operating system doesn’t want you to see. For the most part, they are critical system […]

The simple way to open and create ZIP files

Working with the ZIP File Format on Mac All Mac computers come with a built-in file archive utility, Archive This simple utility uses the ZIP file archive format by default, making it simple to open and create ZIP files. […]

Things you need to know about IDML file format

What is IDML File Format   IDML stands for Adobe InDesign Markup Language, and it is an XML representation of an InDesign document or components. It is the interchange format for Adobe InDesign CS4 documents. The .IDML file format is […]

About the ICO file format and ICO files recovery

What is ICO File Format   The .ICO file format is an image file format that contains a computer icon for Windows. An .ICO file can contain multiple images, each with different values of color and depth. The Windows programs […]

How to recover ICNS files fast and successfully

What is ICNS File Format   An .ICNS file contains an icon used by Mac OS X applications. It is sometimes called Apple Icon Resource File. The .ICNS file format is a container that stores one or more images, supports 1-bit […]

Where to use and how to open FFF file format

What is FFF File Format A .FFF file contains RAW images created by Hasselblad digital cameras. Victor Hasselblad AB is a manufacturer of photographic equipment based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hasselblad also provides Phocus, a free image processing software that can be used to […]

How to recover deleted DPX files easily

What is DPX File Format DPX stands for Digital Pictures Exchange, and it is a file format defined in the ANSI/SMPTE standard 268M-1994. The latest version is from 2003. The Cineon image file format is similar to this file standard, […]

What you need to know about DNG image file format

What is DNG File Format The DNG file format is a proprietary file standard developed and launched in 2004 by Adobe Inc. DNG stands for Digital NeGative. It is a raw image file format used for digital photography. Adobe has […]

What you should know about MBX file format

What is an MBX (Apple Mail mailbox file) File? In this article, we are taking a closer look at Apple’s mailbox file format. You can recognize this file format by its .mbx file extension. However, the file extension alone isn’t […]

How to recover permanently deleted files with Disk Drill

Recovering Permanently Deleted Files All modern operating systems geared toward general computing come with a handy safety net for your files. Instead of immediately deleting them with no option how to get them back, they hide them inside a place […]

Reasons of data corruption and their prevention

Preventing Hard Drive Corruption and Recovering Corrupted Data Data corruption is inseparable from all commonly used data storage devices. It differs from bugs, results of badly written code, in its unpredictability. Data often become corrupted without any warning, and they […]

How to recover data from Mac OS X El Capitan with Disk Drill

What is El Capitan OS? El Capitan OS X is one of Apple’s versions of operating system. It is the 12th release of Mac OS X (OS X) and only version to be named after OS X. New versions such […]

How to protect DVD data with Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery features

What is a DVD? DVD is the short name for Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc, and it refers to a storage media that can store a large amount of data accessible through a compact disk drive. As of […]

Recover files in Washington, D.C. Find the best data recovery services

Data Recovery Washington, D.C Washington D.C. is the acting capital of the United States of America. This was achieved through the signing of the Residence Act back in 1790. The city is the political hub of the entire country but […]

Recover hard drive in Tulsa. How to find top data recovery centers

Tulsa Data Recovery Services The state of Oklahoma is a particularly attractive one. Tulsa is its second largest city and it’s also the 47th most populous one in the country. This is because it’s home to approximately about 403,505 people […]

How to recover hard drive Sacramento. File recovery centers and companies

Sacramento Data Recovery Now, even though it’s only the sixth-largest city in the state of California, Sacramento is also its capital. It has a population count of about 485,199 people which ranks it as the 35th largest city in the […]

Find the best hard drive recovery centre in Portland

Data Recovery Companies in Portland and Their Alternative With a total population of about 632,309 people counted in 2015, the city of Portland is by far the largest one in the state of Oregon. It’s also the acting seat of the […]

Recover deleted data in Oakland. Find the best companies

Oakland Data Recovery Services Being the seat of the Alameda County, Oakland is an important city in the state of California and also the 45th most populous one in the country as it boasts population of about 419,267 people as […]

Las Vegas best data recovery centers and companies

Data Recovery in Las Vegas The city of sin, as a lot of people tend to refer to it, is without a doubt one of the most characteristic cities in the entire country. It’s the most populous city in the […]

Recover hard drive in Fresno. Top file recovery services and companies

Fresno Data Recovery Fresno’s last population count in 2015 showed that the city has about 520,000 people in it which makes it the fifth largest city in the state of California as well as the 34th largest in the USA. […]

Find the best hard drive recovery centers in Dallas

Dallas Data Recovery – The DIY Solution Dallas is one of the major cities in the entire country as well as the largest city in the state of Texas. With a population of about 1.3 million people, it’s also the […]

Baltimore data recovery centers, companies, services. Find the Best

Data Recovery Centers in Baltimore and Their Alternative Baltimore is located in the state of Maryland and is by far its largest city. It’s also ranked as the 29th most populous in the entire country with an approximate population count […]

What is top hard drive recovery services in Adelaide

Data Recovery in Adelaide As the capital city of the state of South Australia, Adelaide has the most centralized population of any state in Australia. What this means for people who are looking for file recovery in Adelaide is potentially […]

Recover hard drive in Glasgow. Find the best file recovery company

Data Recovery Companies in Glasgow Beaming with history and architectural monuments, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and 3rd largest in the United Kingdom. Like so many other cities in the United Kingdom, it grew from a small village […]

How to recover files in Montreal. Top data recovery services

Montreal Data Recovery Centers Montreal is the most populous city in Quebec, the second-most populous province in Canada. Its metropolitan area has a population of almost 4,000,000 residents, most of whom actually speak French as their primary language. Consequently, most […]

Find the best data recovery companies in Boston

Boston Data Recovery Boston is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with an estimated population of 667,137. Among the best data recovery services in Boston are companies such as TechFusion, Proven Data Recovery, Mass Data Recovery, Secure […]

Best free alternative to Kroll Ontrack data recovery software

Kroll Ontrack free alternative – Disk Drill data recovery software Have you ever lost a file? If you have then you are most certainly well aware of the complications that this is capable of causing. Now imagine the same situation […]

Disk Drill a possible alternative to Data Rescue software

Best alternative to Data Rescue recovery software There are quite a few things to be considered when it comes to digital storage devices and the security they provide. The truth is that the most contemporary storage devices come with a […]

Miami data recovery companies, centers, services. Find the Best

Data Recovery in Miami The sunny Miami, Florida is the eighth-most populous metro area and fourth-largest urban area in the U.S. The World Cities Study Group classified Miami as an Alpha−World City, which is a classification for cities that are […]

Forgot Yahoo email or password? Follow these steps to recover your lost mail account

Yahoo Recovery: Everything You Need to Know to Perform Yahoo Password, Email, and Account Recovery Despite the 2013 acquisition of Tumblr, a popular microblogging and social networking website, Yahoo is rarely placed in the same category as Google. It may be its age or […]

Disk Drill a possible alternative to Wise Data Recovery software

Follow the Wise Data Recovery Process with Disk Drill According to computer experts, the data recovery process has three phases, which are usually known as the 3 Ds. They are: Data restoration: the diagnosis of the problem and the necessary […]

Best free alternative to Minitool Power Data Recovery

Minitool Data Recovery Tool and it’s Best Alternative Disk Drill data recovery tool helps to recover critical data lost to viruses, unintended deletions, and operating system crashes. Windows version available in two versions: Free and Commercial ($49). The free version is […]

Pandora data recovery alternative for Windows and Mac OS X – Disk Drill

Pandora Data Recovery – the Things You Should Know Have you ever been in the unpleasant situation in which you accidentally deleted some of your favorite photos off your Micro SD while browsing through the camera? Or even worse, have […]

Alternative Software to Salvage Data Recovery Tool

Disk Drill — Comprehensive Data Recovery Tool The truth is that data loss is something that accompanies a wide range of endeavors and sometimes there are certain things that we just can’t prevent. However, with the development of contemporary internet […]

Best alternative to EaseUS data recovery software

Free EaseUS Alternative for Data Recovery — Disk Drill If you are a regular PC user, there might be some several instances whereby you’ve accidentally sent files to the Recycle Bin (or Trash for Mac users). Thankfully, you can open […]

Free alternative software to iCare data recovery Pro

Free iCare Data Recovery Alternative Do you have a Data backup plan? What would you do if your business or company experienced a data loss catastrophe ? Would your company survive? Well, the statistics are astonishing, most companies never re-open […]

How to recover deleted Facebook account, password or messages

A Complete Guide to Facebook Password and Message Recovery Losing access to your Facebook account means that you no longer can easily get in touch with your friends, family members, and work colleagues. There are plenty reasons how this can […]

A comparison between Wondershare Data Recovery and Disk Drill

Wondershare Best Data Recovery Alternative Software Whether you have lost files due to carelessness or failure, data recovery tools are one of the best options that you should consider if you want to retrieve back your files. If you have recently […]

Data recovery services and data recovery companies in Singapore

Data recovery services in Singapore As a thriving technological hub and “the easiest place to do business” (according to World Bank), there’s no shortage of Singapore data recovery services. Large data recovery centers offer a complex array of services that […]

Eminem: Recovery Album Review, Full Tracklist, Download

Downloading, Storing, and Listening to Eminem’s Recovery Album Eminem recovery album marks the rapper’s comeback after he defeated his addiction, which resonated throughout his previous album. In what is Eminem’s seventh studio album, we find a healthy dose of raw […]

How to recover deleted data from FAT, FAT 32 partition

How do I recover data from a FAT file system The FAT file system derives his name from its main component: the File Allocation Table. This file system has been around since the 1980s. Microsoft promoted it through its DOS […]

How to recover deleted HFS, HFS+ partition with data recovery tool

How do I recover data from a HFS / HFS+ file system The Hierarchical File System (HFS) in its present version HFS Plus (HFS+) is the principal file system of OS X, the operating system developed by Apple for its […]

How to recover an accidentally deleted NTFS partition

How do I recover data from a NTFS file system NTFS stands for New Technologies File System. It is a file system architecture developed by Microsoft in order to overcome the limitations of the FAT file system. Its first version […]

Google® account recovery help and how to recover Gmail® password

Recover Google® account, find out how to recover Gmail® password – Tips and Hints Tip #0: Even before you have a need to recover your password, get Dashlane, a well-known password manager, and never lose it in the first place. Tip […]