A writer and a casual techie, Jonathan Holmes has been tinkering around with computers and the internet for decades. His professional interests include web applications, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, SEO, PPC, WordPress, and React.

His career started in 2010 as an SEO consultant for Yell before he took a job opportunity in Bulgaria for a couple of years where he learned the ropes of Google Ads.

He then worked in various digital marketing agencies as a PPC executive and spent an awful lot of other people’s money on ads in hope they would make more of it back.

Despite his marketing background and degree in English literature, Jonathan ditched Shakespeare in favor of tech and digital marketing to put his writing skills to the test as a freelancer.

Having completed Harvard’s CS50 introduction to computer science course in 2020, he has been a Codecademy addict since then, focusing on full stack web development and single page applications. One day he hopes to master C++ because then people would think he’s really clever.

When he’s not writing for a living, Jonathan attempts to fix bugs in websites and apps, and builds websites for stores that sell trading card games.

He left full-time employment in 2020 to live the dream as a digital nomad in Bangkok. Unfortunately he discovered it was more the case of swapping the 9-5 for the 24/7 but he’s still not looking back.

Jonathan is actually an Englishman and tries his hardest to write like an American for Cleverfiles but he still believes it should be spelled ‘aluminium’.