John Allen is Director, Global SEO at RingCentral, a global UCaaS and internet phone service provider. He has over 14 years of experience and an extensive background in building and optimizing digital marketing programs. His work spans SEM, paid media, mobile, social, and email marketing with a particular focus on new customer acquisition and revenue boost.

John has been brought on as an SEO expert for marketing and California-based digital creatives agencies and organizations such as Splunk and Fourandhalf. There, he integrated best-in-class SEO website integration and frequently collaborated with development teams to define code-based improvements.

He has also spearheaded training for account managers and sales teams in understanding prospect dialogue and feedback to develop approaches to selling SEO as a service. John's approaches range from pre-sales situations to actual sales practice.

John's previous efforts to remedy Splunk's troubled webpage rankings, quality of traffic and customer acquisition pipeline due to HTML/CSS and content issues have resulted in over 3,126 first page ranking, increased pipeline quality from organic search traffic, and overall improved ROI. Through collaboration with web development, publishing, and content teams, he was able to help Splunk acquire nearly 2,200 new customers with a 42% increase in revenue.

Currently, John is part of RingCentral where he handles forecasting, developing, and regularly evaluating KPIs and key metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, pipeline, and revenue. He also cultivates external relationships with agencies and contact lawyers while enforcing SEO guidelines to keep partners aligned to high standards and SEO initiatives. John also plans, executes, budgets, and adapts global SEO strategies based on proven methodologies and extensive data analysis.

Also well-versed in content creation himself, John spends much of his time developing articles for thought leadership on topics such as business technology and management, digital marketing, customer service, and remote team productivity and management. He has written for websites such as MarketScale and RTinsights.