Dmytro Zaichenko is a Marketing Specialist at Mailtrap. Mailtrap is an email sandbox service that helps development and product teams to test emails: check HTML, deliverability, email preview, spam rates, blacklisting, and more. The product was built by Railsware, a product studio.

Dmytro has been working as a part of the Mailtrap team for more than a year. His area of responsibility is outreach and PR activities focused on growing brand awareness and the development of Mailtrap's blog. The blog is popular among a tech-savvy audience. It includes tips, articles, guides, and tutorials related to email development, infrastructure, and security.

Apart from doing outreach and PR activities, Dmytro has experience in email marketing and, with a colleague, is responsible for crafting and sending the Mailtrap monthly newsletter, which shares interesting readings and tips.

His biggest passion is content making though. He has more than 6 years of experience in the field. Dmytro has created dozens of articles covering different aspects of SaaS products, retail, product development, and digital marketing.

However, the most popular posts of Dmytro relate to the realm of emails. Dmytro is always willing to share insights into email marketing practices, privacy, security, and email infrastructure.

His articles were published on trusted blogs like Namecheap, AppSumo, MindTheProduct, Stackify, and others.

Except for work, Dmytro loves playing basketball and is a huge NBA fan. Other passions include poetry, American literature of the XX century, music, and indie movies.