🎉 Disk Drill 3.7 is here!

Note: check out if this upgrade is free for you.

Version 3.7.934


  • New file signatures added to Deep Scan: APM (Adobe raster images), WMF (proprietary Windows graphic format), CR3 (Canon Raw 3 images), GPR (GoPro raw image format)


  • Improved data recovery on APFS Fusion Drives
  • Improved reading of iOS backups under Full Disk Access system protection
  • Improved data recovery on ExFat partitions that were reformatted into FAT32
  • Improved preview of DOC files and a number of related fixes
  • Updated S.M.A.R.T. monitoring module
  • Improved recovery of SRW raw images
  • Improved preview of files with extensions in upper case
  • Fixed recovery loops on some FAT32 partitions
  • Fixed several stubborn crashes when reading Fusion Drives under SIP