🎉 Disk Drill 3.6 is here!

Note: check out if this upgrade is free for you.

Version 3.6.918


  • Disk Drill is officially macOS Mojave ready with multiple internal optimizations and improvements
  • Global improvements in FAT32 partition recovery, all related smart recovery algorithms updated
  • Canon RAW Movie (CRM) file format added to Deep Scan's file signature repository
  • Disk Drill is now capable of creating APFS bootable drives on macOS 10.13.5+ and 10.14
  • Data recovery from Apple's RAID arrays - Striped (RAID 0), Mirrored (RAID 1) and Concatenated (JBOD) types are supported for now
  • Automatic detection of APFS Fusion Drives


  • Improved universal recovery sequence on APFS partitions
  • Improved processing of Core Strorage
  • Improved data recovery routines on encrypted APFS volumes, emphasis on Deep Scan
  • Improved support of Guaranteed Recovery data protection feature on APFS volumes
  • Improved Clean Up mode security
  • Improved recovery consistency on FAT32 partitions with 8K cluster size
  • Disk Drill will no longer request access to your Mac's Contacts when sending feedback from the app
  • iOS recovery: corrected disk space data displayed for iPad
  • Improved preview on older macOS (10.10)
  • Improved MP3 recovery and labeling as part of Deep Scan
  • Several minor UI enhancements
  • Multiple improvements in UI translations