🎉 Disk Drill 3.1 is here!

Note: check out if this upgrade is free for you.

Version 3.1.769


  • Introducing workspaces for recovery - now you can choose a custom location for Disk Drill's workspace in Preferences, if you don't want it to use your system drive for the very few temp files it creates; it's also extremely useful for recovering high-capacity iOS devices
  • More files can be recovered on iOS devices, even those that are not usually backed up by iTunes, thanks to accessing your device's storage directly through AFC
  • Estimated size of selected files for recovery is now shown by the destination field


  • Hardware disks are listed on top of logical volumes in the disk selection screen now to promote scanning whole drives instead of just partitions to improve recovery rates
  • Lost Partition Search improved in multiple ways
  • Data recovery on exFAT partitions
  • Recovery of encrypted notes from iOS
  • Reading and scanning unstable drives
  • MBR/FAT32 partitions can now be converted into boot drives
  • Much improved: pausing and resuming of scans
  • DMG backups, you can now append to previous backups in case drive was disconnected, or else
  • Filtered items can also be removed in Clean Up mode
  • Overall stability of the Clean Up mode
  • Android detection process (adb) is no longer running in the background after disk list refresh
  • The option to ignore hierarchy and recover all files into one folder was added to the destination folder selection dialog
  • Explanation screens were enriched with video tutorials and walkthroughs
  • Other improvements and fixes when creating boot drive
  • Improved Preferences UI
  • Improved UI fontset
  • Fixed: proper enumeration of disk blocks while scanning
  • Fixed: occasional spins when scanning iOS devices
  • Fixed: a bug with detecting some partitions' proper size
  • Fixed: some random crashes in Clean Up mode on macOS 10.12 when scanning system partition
  • Fixed: DDpreview running bug when starting Disk Drill from the disk image
  • Fixed: a bunch of minor crashes, including some on OS X 10.8.5 and the one while quick-scanning Android devices