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Here's how to use it
1. Download Disk Drill Basic

Download Disk Drill Basic for Mac/Windows, run the installer and follow the instructions.

2. Go to main menu

Go to main app's menu and choose "Enter activation code" (macOS) / “License and activation" (Windows).

3. Enter your Activation Code

Enter your Activation Code and proceed with data recovery.

More tips

Can my Disk Drill activation code be used on macOS and Windows?

Since August 2019, Disk Drill is truly cross-platform, and you can use the same activation code on both platforms: Macs and Windows. Please mind the activations cap of 3 if you are a Disk Drill PRO user.

Should I re-scan my drive upon upgrading to Disk Drill PRO/Enterprise to recover lost data?

No, we do not recommend that. Just proceed with the scanning session that you've already started in Disk Drill Basic. Data recovery success hugely depend on how fast you act, the disk activitity after the data loss and a number of other factors. Re-scanning may lead to a different list of recoverable items.

How many computers can I install my premium edition of Disk Drill on?

Disk Drill PRO can be activated on 3 computers (Macs or Windows) at the same time, while Disk Drill Enterprise gives you unlimited simultaneous activations.

Can I use Disk Drill PRO for business purposes?

No, Disk Drill PRO is a home user license. Disk Drill Enterprise is required for any commercial data recovery scenarios, including providing data recovery services to your clients with the help of Disk Drill. Please refer to our EULA for more info.