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Disk Drill for Mac and Windows

Yes! You can recover your lost data right now.

Disk Drill is the premium data recovery app that helps you to restore your accidentally lost files. It’s your best bet to undelete photos, videos, music and documents from a hard drive, USB flash, and in many cases even your iPhone or Android device.
TOP Data Recovery Success Rate
Disk Drill’s in-depth recovery algorithms can almost guarantee that your files can be restored.
400+ Known File Formats
Disk Drill’s Deep Scan will reconstruct your deleted files even when your file system no longer stores any data on them.
10+ Years of Experiences
For more than 10 years we've been polishing our data recovery algorithms. Disk Drill is optimized to recover every file system and type of storage device.
Data Recovery from

(almost) Any Device

Just connect your storage device to your Mac or Windows computer, and start Disk Drill’s scanning process in just a few clicks.
Disk Drill will scan any media that can be recognized by your computer as a storage device, be it your laptop’s internal drive, USB flash thumb drive, memory card, etc. Just wait until the end of the scan and see which files can be recovered. Disk Drill for Mac can also scan iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets.
Albert Reingewirtz

Bravo! I just did the high level scan. Unbelievable! You are the only one capable of recovering from a CF 16GB. Every program I tried so far failed miserably. My hat to you.

We Can Recover

Any Type of Lost Data

Every data recovery scan ends with the list of recoverable files and folders. No matter which file type you deleted, Disk Drill is capable of recovering images, photos, graphic files, videos, music and audio formats, documents, archives, notes, and so on. We deal with billions of files every year for the last decade, we bet we already know how to recover yours!

Every minute counts! Your data may be overwritten and thus lost completely. Recovery chances are higher right after the data loss. The more you wait, the lower they are.

Download Disk Drilland start your free scan right away!

Disk Drill is not just a recovery app, it also prevents data loss.

We know what you feel when valuable data gets deleted. That’s why we empower you with the prevention mechanism called Recovery Vault. Disk Drill is a trusted free data protection tool in thousands of offices and homes worldwide. Even when you or other users trash a file on your computer, Disk Drill tracks its location and meta-data to undelete it within seconds. Enabling Disk Drill’s Recovery Vault takes even less than that.

Try Disk Drill yourself, it’s truly simple!

1. Scan
2. Review
3. Recover
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Disk Drill runs on macOS and Windows

Disk Drill for Mac

Your Companion for Deleted
Files Recovery in Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.8.5+, 22 MB
Use Disk Drill 1/2.x for OS X 10.5+


Version 3.8.965

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Disk Drill for Windows

Restore Deleted Files And
Protect Your Data


Windows 7 SP1+, 44 MB
Use Disk Drill 2.x for Windows XP & Vista


Version 4.0.513

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