Run a Successful iPad Data Recovery

iPad, and other iOS devices, is becoming the invaluable everyday partner in our personal and professional digital lives. Many of us even switched a laptop bag for an iPad case and enjoy it even more.
Even the most up-to-date gadgets are prone to plain old data losses, and it's a great win to have Disk Drill around, the great app for iPad file recovery that runs on Mac OS X. Turns out it's now possible to recover deleted photos and notes from iPad, just as you would normally recover a Mac hard drive.

Many iPad users may experience accidental data loss for versatile reasons. Is data recovery on iPad still possible, or are your photos, notes, videos, messages or reminders gone for good? Of course, not! Introducing Disk Drill, the iPad data recovery software you can always count on. Did you know it works with many types of devices, not just for iOS data recovery?

#1 Install Disk Drill

iPad data recovery module works starting with Mac OS 10.8.5 and is fully El Capitan compatible. Usually you can see your recoverable iPad data within minutes after installing Disk Drill. Moreover, you can preview and verify your lost data before upgrading to Disk Drill PRO absolutely free, just get Disk Drill, run the scan, here you go, the photos, notes and other found items to recover from iPad are listed for you. Once verified, you can choose to upgrade to a paid edition of Disk Drill to complete the recovery.
  • 1Download Disk Drill Basic
  • 2Install it
  • 3Launch the app

#2 Connect your iPad

Once Disk Drill is already running and you got yourself well-acquainted with the user guide and our simple tutorial, head on to the disk and device list, and find your iPad under iOS group. It can either be connected via USB, or Wi-Fi, the latter option is slower and may require more time to complete a lost data scan. Now click "Recover". Alternatively you may choose one your past iOS backups to recover your data directly from it instead of running a scan on your device directly.

#3 Review scanning results

Depending on the storage size your iPad has, you may need to wait a few seconds or minutes until the scan is complete. All recoverable items are listed and categorized inside Disk Drill's main screen. You may switch between tree-view and icons-view to quickly locate the files you need. Using preview at this step of iPad data recovery is definitely a must.

iPad photo recovery

#4 Recover deleted data from iPad

Disk Drill is capable of recovering multiple types of data from your iPad: lost contacts, chats and messages, call logs, notes, photos and videos among them. Once reviewed, select the items you need retrieved and hit "Recover" again.
Note: we are not recovering your iPad photos or videos back to your iPad now, you need to specify the alternative destination where you would like your lost data copied out. You can move it from that location back to your iDevice or elsewhere any time after the recovery. Fast and accurate iPad data recovery is our top priority at the moment.

iPad photo recovery

Data protection is equally important!

Even though it's not directly related to iPad data recovery, Disk Drill also offers several data protection methods that will keep your files and folders safe and healthy no matter what digital disaster you may face. Learn more about Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery for major file systems. The only failure they won't be able to save you from is a physical damage of your storage device.

#5 Scanned. Reviewed. Recovered

The recovery itself takes seconds. Your once lost data is back thanks to Disk Drill iPad recovery app. To achieve the best recovery rate, it's important to stop using your iPad as soon as you realize your data has gone missing, otherwise you risk overwriting it with your everyday activity, new apps and photos.
Disk Drill will easily recover deleted photos from iPad running iOS 5 or newer, be it iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad Air or Pro. If you start your data restoration process quickly, you will end up getting most of the lost notes, photos, videos, Address book records and more file types back.

iPad recovery software

How iPad recovery works

iOS data recovery is slightly different from a regular file recovery process with Disk Drill. Usually you would be choosing among several recovery algorithms (Quick and Deep Scan, Partition Search and others), but with iOS devices being the target, Disk Drill chooses its best digital analysis tools automatically and retrieves lost data directly from the device. If you are still interested which other file types Disk Drill can reconstruct, head on to the following section of our knowledgebase.

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    I saved a DMG backup of my failing hard drive on an external and got everything back. I would like to thank your company for great software and service. You just saved me 7500 songs, 2000 pictures, 75 movies, and over 25 recordings I made!
  • We'll all experience data loss at some point in our computer-using lives so the more we can prevent it, the better. But when that fateful day does happen, you now know that there’s still a lot more you can do and data recovery isn't as scary (or expensive) as it sounds! Jordan Merrick
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