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The majority of bloggers share a common goal. They want to increase readership and user engagement with their work. For many of the people writing blogs, it’s a new way of communicating about their ideas, services or products. It can be challenging to find the right way to make your points.

Here are some tips that have helped me create blogs that develop an audience and keep readers interested.

#1 Share your experience

Share your unique experiences and personal perspective in your posts. The most compelling blogs are those that tell your story and draw in readers with a concrete connection to the subject. Providing details about how you resolved a particular problem or were impacted by the subject of your post makes it more interesting and increases readership. Without your story, it becomes just another example of an informational Internet post. You need to connect with your followers on a personal level to increase engagement. A personal narrative can result in a wide repeat audience that can’t wait for your next post!

#2 Visualization goes a long way

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Creating a blog post with this mindset can drastically increase the level of interest that it generates. Screenshots can help explain the ins and outs of a new software tool. A simple before and after shot can demonstrate the benefits of a product more thoroughly than any written explanation. The creative use of images will make your blog posts more likely to attract new readers and keep your established followers wondering what you’ll do next. That’s how your audience grows.

#3 Deliver consistent content

An important part of developing a following is providing consistent content to your intended audience. This doesn’t mean saying the same thing over and over but refers more to the timetable and format that you use to get the message out. Sticking to a schedule, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, is a better strategy than haphazardly posting blogs at different time intervals. Your followers will come to expect a new posting based on your previous schedule, making it less likely that they will miss an installment. Giving the people what they want is another nugget of wisdom that meshes well with the blogging universe.

#4 Support the blog

Use all other means at your disposal to increase the level of interest in your blog. This includes sending emails to followers informing them of an interesting new post coming their way. Take advantage of social media to keep in touch with followers and maintain interest in whatever it is you are promoting. A simple tweet to your contact list lets your audience know you are thinking about them and can provide them with a way to help by retweeting the information. A little effort put into supporting your blog can result in a nice increase in site traffic.

#5 Experiment

Within the context of delivering consistent content, experimentation can make your blog posts more interesting and attract new followers. Keep the timetable stable, but play around with new formats and post lengths. A little variety can make an otherwise unremarkable blog post into something that your audience will remember. If possible, get some feedback from your followers as to what they would like to see and how they prefer it to be presented. Using this feedback wisely allows you to tap into your audience’s desires and tailor your message productively.

Remember to add affiliate links to your blog posts. Spread the wealth of audience interest with other sites with which you have a relationship.
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