Best solution to recover deleted RDB files

Retrospect and the RDB (Retrospect Backup Set) File Format     Not to be confused with the RDB file extension used by Nintendo or the RDB file format associated with Gear CD Suite File, TrueVector Rules Database, Oracle Database Root

How to pack multiple files into one with ZIP archive file format

Meet ZIP (Extended Zip File): The Most Popular Archive File Format   Created in 1989 by Phil Katz, the ZIP archive file format is the most common way how to pack multiple files into one. In this article, we’re going

All the basics about TAR.XZ: how to use and recover it

What Makes TAR.XZ (XZ Compressed Tar Archive) Different and How to Use It       The TAR.XZ file format is very different when compared to more common file formats like RAR, ZIP, or 7z. As such, it’s mostly used

The most common questions about RAR file format

Save Disk Space with RAR (WinRAR Compressed Archive)   Created in 1993 by Eugene Roshal, a Russian software engineer who is also responsible for the FAR file manager and the WinRAR file archiver, the RAR compression algorithm is a proprietary

Where to use PST file format and how to recover PST files

PST (Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders)   Created by Microsoft for use with Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook, the PST file format is used to store messages, calendar, and other data from Microsoft Exchange Server for offline use

All about JAR files and where they are used

JAR (Java Archive) Isn’t Just for Old School Mobile Games       Built on the ZIP file format, a JAR file typically has a .jar file extension. Many of you probably remember these files from back in the day

What to do if you have deleted ISO files

What Are ISO (ISO-9660 CD Disc Image) Files and What to Do with Them   To better illustrate what an ISO file is, imagine that you’re buying a piece of furniture from IKEA—let’s say a chair. Like everything from the

Steps on how to recover deleted DMG files

Using DMG (Mac OS X Disk Image) Files Across Operating Systems   Native to the Mac OS X operating system, the DMG file format is often compared to the ISO file format because both formats can be used to create

The main features of a CAB files recovery

What Is a CAB (Microsoft Cabinet Format) File?   Developed by Microsoft for use with their Windows operating system, CAB file format is an archive file format with support for lossless data compression, across-boundary compression, and embedded digital certificates. CAB

Best method to recover deleted ARJ files

Going Down the Memory Line with ARJ (ARJ Compressed File Archive) File Format   There was a time when the ARJ file format was one of two mainstream file archives used in the warez scene and by anyone who was

How to open files with the 7z extension and create your 7z archives

Everything You Need to Know About 7z (7-Zip Compressed)   The 7z archive file is the youngest of the famous trifecta of archive file types, which also includes RAR and ZIP. Being the youngest of the three, the 7z file

What you should know about IP Address and IP Location

What is My IP Address? Essentials Explained What Is IP Address An Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is a numerical identifier assigned to a device attached to a network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. At present there are

How to use and protect a Floppy Disk

What is a Floppy Disk? Floppy disk also known as a diskette is one of the most old disk storage media device to be used on computers. The first diskette was developed by IBM in 1967 as an alternative storage

What you should know about Compact Disk

What is a CD? Compact disk abbreviated as CD is a small, round medium portable device used for recording, playing back audio, storing information and manipulating data in digital form. CDs were co-developed and invented by Sony and Philips. The

Frequently asked questions about Lion OS X recovery

What is Lion OS? OS X Lion version 10.7 was the 8th major release of Apple’s Mac OS X. It can be run on Macintosh PCs, desktops, and Apple’s servers. Lion was released on Jul 1, 2011, while the final

All you need to know about Snow Leopard OS

What is Snow Leopard OS? Snow Leopard OS version 10.6 was the 7th major release of OS X (Mac OS X). The software is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. , one of the world leading companies on PC production.

Things you need to know about Yosemite OS X

What is Yosemite OS? Yosemite OS X is the 11th release of Mac OS X (now known as OS X) lineup of operating systems. The 10.10 version released and announced on 2 June 2014 by Apple Inc. at WWDC. The

Tips to help you recover lost files on Windows

What is Windows? Windows is graphical OS that was developed and marketed by Microsoft. The 1st Windows operating system was developed in 1985, and over the years other better versions of the PC based operating system have been developed. Current

The most common questions about Sierra MacOS

What is Sierra macOS? MacOS Sierra was the 13th major release of Apple’s lineup up of operating systems known as OS X. The OS can be installed on Apple’s servers, desktops and Macintosh computers. macOS Sierra succeeded OS X EL

All you need to know about Mountain Lion OS

What is Mountain Lion OS? Mac Mountain Lion OS is one of the 9th major releases of Mac OS X versions. It was developed by Apple Inc. and released on July 25, 2012. Unlike other prior versions where users were

What is Microsoft Surface and some of its features

What is Microsoft Surface? Microsoft Surface comprises a series of Windows based personal computing-devices developed and manufactured by Microsoft. The first Microsoft Surface device was launched on 18th June 2012. Over the past few years, Microsoft has continued to show

How to recover hard drive data on your Mac Pro

What is Mac Pro? A Mac Pro is a series of Xeon based server and workstation computer that is manufactured by Apple. It’s one of the most powerful computer ever manufactured by Apple, and it’s widely used by professionals from

Some facts about Mac mini – one of the smallest desktop computers

What is Mac mini? Mac mini is one of the smallest desktop computers developed and manufactured by Apple. It’s widely popular due to the portability and small shape size of its design. Earlier models of 2009 & 2010 came with

Frequently asked questions about CompactFlash devices

What is CompactFlash? CF or CompactFlash is a type of flash memory mass-storage device used by most portable digital electronic devices. The first CF was developed and manufacture in 1994 by SanDisk. Over the years CompactFlash has become so useful

Everything you need to know about Blu-ray discs

What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray disc is one of the digital data-storage formats used by optical discs. The disk was designed to supersede DVDs format by enabling data storage of ultra high definition video resolution of around 2160p. A Blu-ray discs

Frequently asked questions about iOS devices

What is an iOS device?   iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating system developed and created by Apple Inc. An iOS device is an electronic gadget that runs on iOS. Apple iOS devices include: iPad, iPod Touch

All you need to know about USB devices

What is a USB device?   USB (Universal Serial Bus) refers to any device that can store data in flash memory with a USB integrated interface. A USB drive is also known as USB Key, USB stick, USB flash drive

File recovery centers, companies, services in Jacksonville. Find the best

Jacksonville Data Recovery – Convenient Alternatives The sunny state of Florida has a lot of beautiful cities. However, Jacksonville manages to take the lead conveniently. Being the most populous one in the state with a population of about 868,031, the

Recover files in El Paso. Hard drive recovery services and companies

El Paso Data Recovery and the Things to Know El Paso is another large city in the state of Texas and, interestingly enough, it’s also home to the headquarters of the Medical Center of the Americas. This is the one

Recover hard drive in Colorado Springs. Data recovery centers and companies

Data Recovery Services in Colorado Springs With a total population count of 456,568 people reported in 2015, Colorado Springs is the 40th most populous city in the USA as well as the second most populous one in Colorado. It’s ranked

File recovery centers in Albuquerque. Top data recovery services

Albuquerque Data Recovery Albuquerque is by far the most populous city in the state of New Mexico and is known for its high altitude. It’s also the acting seat of the Bernalillo County and it has its location in the

Recover files in Brisbane. How to find data recovery centre in Brisbane

Data Recovery Services in Brisbane The capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland, Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. Among the best data recovery services Brisbane are Payam Data Recovery, 24Hour Data Recovery

How to find data recovery center in Melbourne

How to Recover Lost Data in Melbourne Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria. At the same time, it’s home to Melbourne Institute of Technology, which offers courses in Business Management, Accounting, Marketing,

What is the function of a Tablet Computer? Everything you need to know about it

What is a Tablet Computer? Steps of data recovery on a Tablet Computer Tablet Computers are commonly shortened as Tablet PCs or Tablets and are defined as flat, thin mobile computers that come fitted with a touchscreen display and a rechargeable battery. Over the

Things you need to know about storage devices

What is a storage device? Secondary and Primary Storage Devices A storage device refers to a computing hardware used to store information permanently or temporarily. The device can be external or internal to a computer, server, and other computing systems. Storage

Things you need to know before rooting your Android device

What is a rooted device? The risks of rooting your Android device Rooting is a process of unlocking Android smartphones and tablets devices to attain higher administrative privileged controls. A rooted device is an Android gadget that has been jailbroken to

Frequently asked questions about Memory Sticks

What is a Memory Stick? Steps of Memory Stick Recovery Memory Sticks were developed and introduced to the digital market by Sony in Oct 1998. They were widely used on Sony digital cameras and other devices. Over the years Sony

Useful things you need to know about your MacBook Air

What is a MacBook Air? Everything you need to know about it A MacBook Air is a type of laptop computer manufactured and developed by Apple Inc. It comes fitted with a full size keyboard, aluminum casa and a thin-light

How to restore iPhone or iPad lost data after jailbreaking

What is a jailbroken device? Everything you need to know about Jailbreaking Jailbreaking refers to the process of removing all restrictions imposed on an iOS device. Apple’s devices that can be jailbroken include; iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV 2 and

Restore deleted data from OS X Mavericks with Disk Drill

What is Mavericks OS X & How to solve Mavericks data loss issue Mavericks OS is one of the 10th releases of OS X and runs on Macintosh computers, servers, and Apple’s desktop. The first release of Mavericks OS was

Steps for recovering deleted files on Android device

Everything you need to know about an Android device The word Android is the name given to Google’s mobile operating system. It’s primarily designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. An Android device is an electronic gadget that

Recovering Photos from a Digital Camera

What is a Digital Camera & How Digital Cameras Work? A Digital Camera can be defined as an electronic device that stores and records photographic images in a digital form. Over the years, there have been so many types of

Ways to recover your deleted data on a MacBook

What is a MacBook? Things you need to know about it A MacBook is a laptop (notebook computers) that is manufactured by Apple Inc. The first MacBook laptop model was released on May 2006. Over the years there has been some notebook

What is Mac OS X? All You Need to Know about macOS

Things You Need to Know about Mac OS X Mac OS X is a computer OS that uses Unix-based graphical interface. It is developed and marketed by Apple, One of the world’s most popular companies. Mac OS X is designed only

What is the difference between iPod Nano, Touch and Shuffle

What is an iPod? Apple’s new iPod touch, iPod nano, & iPod shuffle iPods are one of the most popular portable devices among Apple products. The 1st version was released on Oct 23, 2001, and over the years other modernized versions

Find the best data recovery centers in San Jose

San Jose Data Recovery Companies Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe and officially the City of San José, San Jose is the third-largest city by population in California. It’s home to data recovery companies such as Kotar Data Recovery, File

Everything you need to know about USB flash drive storage

What is a flash drive and how to recover lost information? What is a flash drive and what is a USB flash drive? Well, the truth is that there really isn’t much of a difference and, in fact, they are

All you need to know about a solid state hard drive

What is a Solid State Drive and is Data Recovery Possible? Let’s begin by understanding what is a solid state drive and what does your computer have to do it. SSD, or a solid state drive, as it’s commonly referred

All you need to know about a Secure Digital Card (SD card)

What is a micro SD card and can you recover lost information from it?   What is an SD card? An SD card or a Security Digital card is one which is going to store additional amounts of information for

Frequently asked questions about USB pen drives

What is a pen drive and can you restore information from it? What is a USB pen drive? Well, the truth is that the term is not as widely used as the other, entirely popular and widespread name for it

Things you need to know about memory cards

What is a memory card and is data recovery possible? What is a memory card? A memory card is known to be a small storage medium which is generally used to store information. The most common type of data that’s

What is the function of a hard disk? Everything you need to know about computer hard drive

What is a hard disk drive and how to recover it? What is a hard disk? Well, the truth is that the question might be answered in a few different ways and it’s most certainly a bit ambiguous. A hard