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  • in reply to: Before I purchase, Data recovery?? #6046

    Hi there, if the preview works for you in Disk Drill Basic, the files recovered in PRO will be the same you see in the preview. So, the preview is actually the guarantee. And yes, you can do recovery in portions, or all together. Up to you. Don’t forget to save the scanning session and make sure the scanned media is not in use until you complete the recovery.

    in reply to: forgot to backup and reinstall OS X #6035

    Hi there, which recovery methods did you try? Which file format are you looking for exactly that you call iPhoto library? As you know, Deep Scan is not able to recover folders, file properties, etc., as that data is only stored in file system, which seems to be lost in your case.

    in reply to: outlook email recovery on mac? #6030

    Hi there, Disk Drill handles a few Outlook-related file formats with Deep Scan perfectly, but not the ones that you mentioned. Here’s the full list: /help/file-types/
    You can send new file signature requests to us here –
    Note, that it only relates to Deep Scan. Quick Scan and other recovery methods are format-independent and will recover everything that is still stored in your file system and marked as deleted.

    in reply to: Multiple Users – One Mac #6027

    Hi there, not at the moment, unfortunately. Each user will need to activate Disk Drill in their user account. We might be able to change/improve this in the future.

    in reply to: cfbackd is causing my cpu to max out continuously #6009

    Weird, then please send us the internal Disk Drill logs as explained here:

    in reply to: cfbackd is causing my cpu to max out continuously #6007

    col000r, did you try to disable Guaranteed Recovery, then reset its storage, then enable it again?

    in reply to: Mac external HDD data recovery #6001

    So why don’t you follow the tutorial and go ahead previewing the found files? Only the correct preview will guarantee flawless recovery of your data. More details may be found here: /help/can-i-really-scan-for-my-lost-files-for-free/

    in reply to: Mac external HDD data recovery #5999

    Disk Drill may surely try to recover your data from this drive. Can you see it in Disk Drill? There are several recovery methods that may work in this case.

    in reply to: activation key #5998

    It was emailed to you immediately after the order. If you still don’t have it, please, email us your order ID to

    in reply to: Recover a folder OS X #5995

    Data recovery does not work that way… you cannot recover a specific location. Here’s why: /help/can-i-recover-a-specific-file-with-disk-drill/
    But you can scan your drive and see whether the folder you are looking for is recoverable…

    in reply to: activation key #5994

    Yes, instantly. Please contact our support team, supply your order ID:

    in reply to: ScreenFlow recovery #5993

    It depends on the recovery method you use. Quick Scan and other algorithms like Partition Recovery, will recovery everything that can be returned, they don’t “care” about the file types. If you are speaking of Deep Scan, then ScreenFlow is not supported yet: /help/file-types/ – but… that’s exactly why we have this form in place:

    in reply to: Unknown Smart Temperature Format #5980

    Hi again, I’m sorry for the delayed reply, and thanks a lot for the log file that you sent. Usually SMART reports current, maximum and minimum temperatures of a hard drive. However, there’s no official standard for its format. That’s why Disk Drill guesstimates these values based on the data we collected during research. In your case, the attempt to decode these values failed, and only current temperature is displayed.

Viewing 13 posts - 91 through 103 (of 103 total)