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    Oooh, threats right away? No such thing as order ID? I checked all the emails from you. Unfortunately, you have NOT submitted your order. See the screenshot that you sent to us. You didn’t complete it. There are no processed orders from you. That’s the reason why you don’t have neither the Order ID nor the activation code.

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    OK, so here’s what we assume happened: the file you were looking for was not deleted. Data mapping mode revealed it as it doesn’t care about the hidden files, and actually maps all of them. Seems like the file was in one of the .Trash folders, which is hidden by default. That’s why you couldn’t find it in Finder. All you had to do was navigating to this file through “Show in Finder” option from Disk Drill, or you could turn on showing hidden files in OS X with the help of the Terminal app. I hope you can recover your file when it’s deleted now. It might be a challenge if you’ve got an SSD disk in place.

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    Didn’t get your question, sorry. Do you want to just delete a specific user account from your Mac?

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    I’ll be able to reply to your question, just checking some internal stuff with this new recovery algorithm. Just, can you confirm that you really can’t locate that file through Finder, and do you know of any reason why it would not show you the existing data?

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    After a few more hours of researching your Disk Drill logs, we have to conclude that the catalog that Disk Drill is capable of recovering was either seriously damaged by the OS itself, or the files that are not shown when Rebuild algorithm previews the file structures did not exist for the moment of partition corruption. Unfortunately, Rebuild + Deep Scan are recommended in this case.

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    Yep, sorry for the delayed follow-up. Based on the logs that you sent, it’s true that Rebuild algorithm does find only about 80 records about files and directories. That said, the rest can only be located by Deep Scan. We are still studying this case.

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    It does sound that this file is NOT deleted if you see it in disk data mapping mode. Try “Allocate existing file system data” recovery method to let Disk Drill read existing data from the disk with its own binary reading means.

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    Can you send us Disk Drill’s logs, please: ?
    Also, try clearing Bad Sectors for the drive you are scanning, and rescan it again, this might also have. But from what you are saying, it does seem that the drive is having physical issues.

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    That’s true. Cooling is extremely important. Let me speak with my team in case we have a better recommendation for catalog rebuilding. However, as you know, every recovery case is unique. The damage to file structures could be more severe. Anyway, you can always mount the rebuilt catalog as a virtual drive and copy the data out instead of writing the fixed catalog back on the disk.

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    Hi there… did you check this?


    in reply to: Do I have to keep doing this? #6066

    Hi there! You definitely don’t have to buy a separate license for every Mac you own. One PRO license is good for 3 personal Macs, owned by the licensee (you). But thanks for being a fan of Disk Drill, we are fans of clients like you! 🙂

    You seem to be running a Deep Scan, that means, the original file structures are lost. More details here: /help/can-i-recover-a-specific-file-with-disk-drill/
    Did you try quick scanning, rebuilding your partition or searching for lost partitions? Basically hitting the universal Recover button (in Disk Drill) on the drive in question should apply all possible recovery methods.

    Regarding to Disk Drill Media Recovery, check out this article: /help/disk-drill-media-recovery/


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    We’ll see how this can be improved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I assume it’s not that clear that the last setting in this screen is actually a menu: /help/guaranteed-recovery-faqs/ – see “Don’t clear protected data if there’s enough space” vs “Maximum size of guaranteed recovery storage”.

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    In simple words, this is the storage of Guaranteed Recovery. Just go to Disk Drill -> Your drive -> Protect… there you will be able to configure the amount of disk space that’s allowed to be used by Guaranteed Recovery.

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