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  • in reply to: Issue about activation code. #6297

    Hi there, thanks for upgrading to Disk Drill PRO. It’s activated automatically, so you may have not seen the code itself. But you have a copy in your email, for sure.

    in reply to: Has e-mail & proof been received? #6256

    Hi again, I think this has been resolved by now. Thanks for being a happy customer of ours.

    in reply to: hfs+ rebuild problem #6236

    Are you using Disk Drill Basic or PRO? Obviously you might need to upgrade to PRO to use this recovery method. You can also send a screenshot of this screen to, so we could see what you see and make a better recommendation if possible.

    in reply to: Disk Drill failed to protect? #6234

    Hi there, which protection method did you use: Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery? Did you try the Deep Scan on the drive in question? If you lost all the data, and it was protected by Recovery Vault, unless the drive was an SSD, the Vault’s database should be somewhere there. Deep Scan is capable of reconstructing it, and the overall recovery chances are high if the database is found.

    in reply to: A lot of strange files found #6232

    It’s more than normal. It’s how it works. Disk Drill finds everything there’s still recoverable on your disk. Our browsers and other software download far more to our hard drives than you can control.

    in reply to: MXF file recovery #6231

    Did you try Disk Drill’s recovery methods?
    Here’s how: /help/how-to-recover-lost-files-with-disk-drill-basic/

    in reply to: Word documents #6227

    Hi there, DOC and DOCX formats are both supported by Disk Drill’s Deep Scan, you can always go to Preferences \ File Types and see if these formats are activated there. Here’s the full list of supported file signatures: /help/file-types/
    Let me know if you are still missing them completely after scanning your disk.

    in reply to: Disk Drill 2.4 with a ton of new features #6210

    Get the new stereo update: /help/stereo/

    …In Preview within Disk Drill? Would be awesome to see your recovery process in a short video, can you take one? You can use any tool you like to capture and share it, like Jing.

    in reply to: Disk Drill falsely reports disk as 'dead' #6204

    Any details how exactly the disk is being reported as “dead”? Can you attach it, or email a screenshot to us (

    in reply to: recovered files not rendering correctly #6202

    How big are the image files? Most probably it’s fragmentation that kills their ability to be recovered intact.

    in reply to: All mp4 are blank #6201

    Cameras are known to null the erased space. While it may not seem the reason in this case, most probably videos were fragmented, and recovery through Deep Scan is not able to collect them back into pieces, unfortunately.

    in reply to: Code not working #6187

    Please see our follow-up via email. Your code is OK, you might be running the old version of Disk Drill, somehow.

    in reply to: Pro Code Not Working #6169

    If you purchased Disk Drill 2.4, you just need to email us at for a license code for the older version. Include your order ID, and we will gladly provide the one for any of the previous releases.

    in reply to: Disk Drill 2.4 with a ton of new features #6160

    We just updated Disk Drill 2.4 with a new build and a hidden Xmas promo. More details here: /help/updated-disk-drill-2-4-414/

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 103 total)