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    Dear William,

    You can definitely recover files of all kinds and formats with Disk Drill, but the recovery results depend on multiple parameters. Have a look a this article for details: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/can-i-recover-a-specific-file-with-disk-drill/

    in reply to: activate code #8153

    Dear Muhammad, if you decided to get the license for Disk Drill PRO, you are welcome to do so here:

    Disk Drill for Mac – https://www.cleverfiles.com/pro.html
    Disk Drill for Windows – https://www.cleverfiles.com/disk-drill-windows-pro.html

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Recovered File Size #7904

    Hi there, it seems that your original files were stored in multiple formats, thus only some of them were recovered, while the larger ones might have been too fragmented and maybe overwritten, so they were not reconstructed. There are cases when only a thumbnail is recoverable.

    in reply to: Downloading Files #7903

    Hi, I’m really not sure what exactly you are asking about. May be this may help: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/how-to-recover-lost-files-with-disk-drill-basic/

    in reply to: Mac-Clean Up >Problem #7895

    Did you do your online research on this error? I don’t seem it’s anyhow related to your file activity and might be coming from a deeper system-related configs: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/790599?start=0&tstart=0

    in reply to: Mac-Clean Up >Problem #7892

    Linda, if you did not create a backup of your files, it’s almost impossible to recover them to their _original_ locations, as they are not known. Data recovery works in a way to at least save the data, when the previous (before the deletion) location is also recoverable, you will see it, but you will still have to recover your data to another location and then move the files “back” manually.

    in reply to: Mac-Clean Up >Problem #7888

    The only way to accomplish what you want to do is using a Time Machine backup and restoring the state of your computer to one of those backups in the past. But it sounds like you did not make any backups.

    Unless you cleaned your Mac moving all the files to Trash (instead of deleting them right away), and you did not empty the Trash, I would assume the cleaned files are gone and not easily recoverable. You can also run Disk Drill’s data recovery algorithms to see what can be restored, and you might be lucky to have enabled the protection options as well: Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery, if you did, more of your files can still be recovered from within Disk Drill.

    in reply to: Activation Failed #7880

    So, I believe this case was resolved via email. Thanks for providing the details.

    in reply to: Unable to create a bootable USB stick #7869

    Please check out the newest release, Disk Drill 3.2 (macOS). The issue with the boot drive creation has been fixed: http://www.cleverfiles.com/getdiskdrill

    in reply to: Activation Failed #7867

    It would really help to know which activation code exactly you are using that fails to be accepted by our activation server. Also, we could not locate your order for Disk Drill PRO or Enterprise by your email address or name. It’s also weird that you are posting on our forums, which are a part of our knowledgebase, which is a help system itself, and has tons of articles and hints on how Disk Drill can be used. Do you have a specific question you are looking to get answered? Also, every “Activation Failed” error has a detailed reply from our activation server that explains what exactly was the cause of the failure, usually it’s either caused by using the code from the previous version of the app, or hitting the limit of allowed activations as to your license.

    Please be more specific. We are here to help, but we need details first.


    in reply to: Unable to create a bootable USB stick #7862

    Unfortunately, we are confirming this with the latest macOS. A lot has been silently changed by Apple in Recovery HD which is the basis for boot drives created. We are actively looking into this issue.

    in reply to: Installing Disk Drill iso file #7707

    Hi and thanks for your question!
    Disk Drill’s byte-to-byte ISO/DMG disk image that you can create from within the app has a different purpose. It’s the type of a binary storage that contains not only your live files but also data from the sectors of the original media that were marked as empty. This enables actual data recovery from the backup image instead of the original disk. You may also use some kind of an automation process to restore data from this backup copy, but that wasn’t the initial goal of the backup feature.

    in reply to: photoshop cannot open this file #7675

    Hi Simon,

    It usually doesn’t matter how long ago the files got deleted. A lot depends on your drive’s file system, OS activity, amount of the empty hard drive space, etc.

    Have a look: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/troubleshooting-scan-results/

    in reply to: Partition not in the list of DiskDrill #7674

    Actually, yes. Thank you for bearing with us.
    It seems that your hard drive does have some hardware issues and Disk Drill is detecting some bad sectors. Please go into the bad sector management mode for the drive in question, and reset the list of bad sectors for it. Here’s how to do it: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/bad-sectors-blocks.html

    This should get your “invisible” partition back into the list. We recommend making a byte-to-byte backup of this hard drive and run any data recovery off the backup copy instead of scanning the drive itself: https://www.cleverfiles.com/hard-drive-backup.html

    in reply to: Partition not in the list of DiskDrill #7670

    I apologize for the repeated request, we can see that the logs were uploaded already. And according to them, the partition in question was actually found and displayed by Disk Drill as “Untitled 1”. Can you, please, take a screenshot from Disk Drill with all items expanded in the disk list, and the same from DU? Thanks

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