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    I have a Seagate 4TB drive that was partitioned into 4 partitions,
    a 2.1TB partition,( A) and then two partitions of roughly 500 GB a piece (B and C)
    and one of 1 TB roughly. (D)

    The B, C, and D partitions all mount fine successfully.
    Partiton A comes up in Disk Utility with the dreaded
    “Disk Utility cannot repair this disk, you should back up your files” message.

    (!@$## Seagate!)

    So, I attached to my MBP with Disk Drill 2 via FW, & DD sees all four partitions.
    I run “rebuild HFS+ Catalog” and it comes up
    but only finds less that 24 items ( this disc had over 60 folders and was near 85% full capacity).
    So I know if I choose it to rebuild this it will erase and I will lose a chance at getting back
    all my data.
    So I tried a Lost Partition, same thing/ amount comes up.

    So Now I’m trying a Deep Scan and its going slow, but what are my other options?
    I need like a ” scavenge” type option at this point….How do I make DD do that?



    so attempted deep scan, and the drive got extremely hot and locked up.

    so re-attempting this morning and put a fan on it to blow and make it cool while
    the deep scan performs this time. Hopefully will go better and longer this time.


    That’s true. Cooling is extremely important. Let me speak with my team in case we have a better recommendation for catalog rebuilding. However, as you know, every recovery case is unique. The damage to file structures could be more severe. Anyway, you can always mount the rebuilt catalog as a virtual drive and copy the data out instead of writing the fixed catalog back on the disk.



    Ok so Now I have three fans blowing on the Seagate Drive.
    But a new Problem has arisen.

    When Disk Drill Pro get to at least 1.6TB of data scanned, it locks up.
    And it isn’t a crash which I though at first.
    What happens is in these steps:

    1. Disk Drill deep scans moving along until it hits 1.6TB of the 4TB drive
    2. the counts stop at the upper left, the blue progress bar slows down & stops
    3. for a long time about 30 to 40 mins nothing happens, then a system message comes up saying
    “Your System is out of Virtual Memory, please close one of the applications to make more
    Virtual Memory available”. And my choices of apps? Disk Drill Pro and the Finder, the only
    two things running!!!

    So Now, I have to do this which is a HIGH PITA!!

    1. Reboot the system.
    2. System comes back on, drives mount, Disk Drill Pro opens back up.
    3. Tell it to re-start the Deep Scan.
    4. Disk Drill picks up where it left off ( -minus a GigByte or so), blue progress bar moves again.
    5. as soon as the counts start going up, I hit pause, which starts the auto save. then I press Resume.
    6. repeat step 5
    7. repeat step 5
    8. repeat step 5
    9. repeat step 5
    10. repeat steps 5

    I do this until it then locks up again, and then I have to go back and start at #1 again!!
    at least when I then re-start it, it only loses about less than 250Gb, so when it
    starts again, I’m 250GB shy of the last count it posted ( found data)

    My system with Disk Drill has a 500GB HD, 8GB of Actual Ram, and as stated before
    only Finder and DIsk Drill Pro are running.

    What I’m trying to do is get the Deep Scan to complete so I then can recover to the blank
    4TB WD External drive I have. But this Deep Scan is now at a stage it will take forever to complete.
    Outside of Buying more Ram to get this done, what else can I do?

    oh and version of DD Pro is 2.3.3398

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    Can you send us Disk Drill’s logs, please: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/troubleshooting-basics/ ?
    Also, try clearing Bad Sectors for the drive you are scanning, and rescan it again, this might also have. But from what you are saying, it does seem that the drive is having physical issues.



    Ok I will send you the logs tonight.
    Also how do I clear the Bad Sectors, although I’m afraid that maybe where all my missing data is?



    Emailed the log files, put #post-6090 in subject line.



    sorry, post # 6091



    Bump, any ideas JR?


    Yep, sorry for the delayed follow-up. Based on the logs that you sent, it’s true that Rebuild algorithm does find only about 80 records about files and directories. That said, the rest can only be located by Deep Scan. We are still studying this case.


    After a few more hours of researching your Disk Drill logs, we have to conclude that the catalog that Disk Drill is capable of recovering was either seriously damaged by the OS itself, or the files that are not shown when Rebuild algorithm previews the file structures did not exist for the moment of partition corruption. Unfortunately, Rebuild + Deep Scan are recommended in this case.

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