Strange noises (broken laptop?) after deep scan.

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    My friend ran deep scan on my 5 year old macbook pro.

    It worked fine, but now every time I copy and paste anything but text, or save something, my laptop (the harddrive I suppose) cracks and clicks really loudly. This has never happened before, it started right after running deep scan. The deep scan took about an hour.
    It’s a loud ugly crackcrackcrack sound when my laptop is done saving or copying something.

    Maybe someone knows what/why this is happening? I’m really concerned something is just physically broken now, or will be soon.
    Can I do something to make it better?

    Thank you in advance.



    I’d just like to say the problem is solved.

    I noticed today music wasn’t playing either (no sound). When I plugged in my headphones, music played normal, and the cracking sound was gone.
    After unplugging the headphones, everything was back to normal, no cracks or clicking sounds with or without headphones.

    I apologize, it did sound like the harddrive was broken and something cracked inside the laptop.

    Not sure what happened or if that’s unique, however since it started after deep scanning and recovery, maybe it happens to others, too. Try if it’s the sound.

    Thanks again.


    I’m really happy to hear your laptop is back to normal, but stay alert, you hard drive may need to be replaced if it keeps producing those sounds again. Don’t be afraid to run the Deep Scan again (if you have a proper backup), you may stress-test your drive and confirm its unstable state, which is better to be discovered sooner.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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