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    New user. Pro version.

    Very impressed with Disk Drill’s finding and restoring deleted files. I need another function though and I may have it and not know it.

    I need to get files off a half-failed drive. Yes half-failed. No software that I’ve tried can rebuild the catalog including Disk Drill. The drive is extremely slow, to the point that it can’t be opened in the Finder to see individual files. Crazy slow. The data is there and I can get it off using another utility I have, Data Rescue. I was hoping to use Disk Drill as well as my version of Data Rescue is a little older and the manner in which Disk Drill identifies and restores files suits my needs better.

    When I use Disk Drill on the drive it finds nothing. There is about 700GB of data that Data Rescue can find and restore. I’m thinking that Disk Drill is only looking for deleted files, not non-deleted files. Is that correct? If that’s right, can I use Disk Drill to look for and restore, non-deleted files? I know that sounds somewhat odd but that’s what I need to do, that is, use a rescue utility to get non-deleted files off a drive.

    I should note that using any utility (I’ve tried three commercial utilities in addition to Apples, they all fail) to rebuild the drive doesn’t work including Disk Drill. I don’t care about the drive, I just want to get the data off.





    Hi again…

    Firstly, did you use Deep Scan and select the whole drive, not just the partition so Disk Drill treats it as a completely binary entity, and scans for all the files that might be there? Secondly, have you tried ALL recovery methods available in Disk Drill to recover this data, or just some of them? Can you send us some screenshots of how your drive looks in Disk Drill and in Data Rescue before and after the recovery? Contact us at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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