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    Hi all, so I managed to stumble across CleverFiles and Disk Drill the other day. Hoping that this will be able to help me along with some input from any of you knowledgeable beings out there.

    Here’s my situation. I have (had) an older Macbook Pro (mid-2008) with a 250 GB HDD. I also have a 1 TB external that I use for backups which hasn’t quite been up to date due to a recent change of location. This past weekend, my mbp all of a sudden seemed to lock up. Closing/opening programs led to the pinwheel spinning for ridiculous amounts of time. Ended up shutting down. Upon reboot, got to the startup screen with the grey Apple logo and the spinning gear type animation. This is where my mbp remained. I waited for well over an hour before I realized that something was wrong. I’ve tried various things such as booting in safe mode, booting off of the disc to try Disk Utility. Upon examination with DU, verification and repair of the disc were constantly displaying messages that appeared to not have a good outlook.

    Anyone have any clue what to think here? I’m not exactly an expert but I do have some experience. If I had to guess I’d say that it’s more along the lines of corruption etc as opposed to mechanical failure because there are no odd noises coming from the mbp when booting up.

    How do I salvage this, if at all? I don’t exactly have any RECOVER OR DIE material on my mbp, but it sure would be nice to get as much of it back anyways before I switch to a new computer (ie, music, some photos, DVD backup rips, non-pertinent school documents, etc). I do have access to another Mac with HD room via FireWire, and the aforementioned 1 TB external too. Sorry for the novel, but I’ve spent hours trying to get a plan together, and I’d appreciate some extra input as well.

    Thanks in advance guys and gals.



    I’ll talk to my team concerning any additional advice we can get for you. Meanwhile, just for clarification: can you access your data now? I’d recommend making a dmg-backup of your mbp asap, this way you can still recover any data that might be needed once the drive fails completely.



    Hi again, as I already mentioned, we do need more info from you, as currently we have no idea what exactly is happening with your Macbook. Once you get back to us, we’ll be able to provide more info… meanwhile:

    #1. You need to use a bootable flash-drive, for instance, and boot into your Mac. Once you do – check your disk’s SMART status:

    #2. If the SMART status is NOT VERIFIED, it’s a hardware issue, and you should try to replace the disk asap. Then get an external 2.5 hard drive enclosure (it’s a SATA->USB adapter), insert your old disk into it, and connect to your mbp via USB. When installing Mac OS X onto a new drive use Apple’s data migration features specifying your old drive as the source.

    #3. If the SMART status is VERIFIED, then you should connect to your mbp from another Mac via firewire and backup your hard drive into DMG using Disk Drill Basic (or PRO) as I offered yesterday, then run Quick and Deep Scans to find out which data is still recoverable.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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