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    In my scan and on the disk I restore to there are restores of an Iphoto, iTunes and Aperture Library which look quite good.
    But there are enormous scattered parts of bigger Aperture Libraries.
    Only folder paths with images but not in an Library Structure.
    There are a lot of files which are named apalbum to.
    Any Idea why this works for one of the libraries and not for the others and what could be done to this. Maybe some re-consolidation?



    There’s no way to consolidate files that depend on folder structure with Deep Scan. Folders are stored in your file system. If the file system is not available (formatted, corrupted, etc.), there’s no way to recover this data. Did you try all recovery methods in Disk Drill?



    Hi macdev, as you did to recovery Aperture Library (*.aplibrary)? Thanks



    Quick Scan, Directory Rebuild and Partition Search may recover correct folder structures. A lot depends on the specific scenario, so there’s just no universal recipe how you could recover a specific file, or folder, or anything. Try it. Disk Drill Basic lets you verify all your recoverable data.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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